'Biggest Loser' Recap: Guess Who Made Jillian Cry!

Last night's Biggest Loser marked the end of the Unknowns' reign of immunity. In turn, the teams finally reunited at the Ranch and eyed one another suspiciously from head to toe. (Seriously, it was kind of like watching a Western when the strange, out-of-towner cowboy strolls into town on his dark horse.) Mainly, each team couldn't help but "ooh and "ahh" as they noted who among their competition appeared significantly thinner, compared to four weeks ago.

Because they haven't had immunity, everyone remaining at the Ranch looks pretty damn good. Like, you can tell they've pared pounds. They have to! People who gain weight don't get to stick around very long. (As Dan from the Black Team learned when he purposely "accidentally" gained 9 pounds a couple of weeks ago.)


Nonetheless, that was a lesson we apparently had to re-learn last night when remaining Black Team member Don and partner Irene gained six pounds each, so Don could go home. He said he wanted everyone to know that The Biggest Loser just isn't for anyone, and he'd be doing his teammates a disservice if he hung around in "this state of mind." Whatever.

Then, the Unknowns finally had to vote off one of their own who had fallen below the unacceptable weigh-in yellow line of death. That ended up being Lariamly of the Red Team, because her hubby, Q, begged and pleaded to stay, claiming that he couldn't manage shedding pounds on his own (yet, I guess?), but she could. 

All this boo-hooing and manipulation of the BL "system" may have left viewers craving something genuine and real. So, thank goodness for Hannah of the Purple Team. (She's the one who was on her way to becoming a pro athlete but had an awful fall, leaving her with a totally screwed up spine.) Her back injury had contributed greatly to her weight gain.

But Jillian, being the amazing, inspiring, take-no-prisoners trainer that she is (I'm sorry, that new chick is going to have SERIOUSLY ENORMOUS shoes to fill!), helped Hannah turn "a huge corner" (ugh, such an overplayed expression on BL) when she pushed her to do a back bend during the Last Chance Workout.

Hannah confessed that the moment changed her life, helping her to realize she could help herself. Her major personal victory totally trumped any ho-hum results on the scale. To top it off -- she made Jillian cry! Amazing!

Another moment when I felt the love a whole two weeks before Valentine's: Lariamly reported that not only had she continued to lose weight at home, but she said she "created a whole new person and fell in love with herself all over again."

Yay for heartwarming, confidence-building ladies on BL! Definitely an antidote to all the scale-centric drama. 

Were you also moved by Hannah and Lariamly's stories?

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