Social Media Helps Autism Raise Serious Coin

Emily Abbate

team up for autism

If you don't already believe in the power of social media, campaigns like this one will make you a believer. Today, Samsung worked together with the Dan Marino Foundation to raise awareness and money for autism. For each tweet, Facebook share, and Foursquare check-in using the hashtag #TeamAutism, Samsung pledged to donate $5 (until they hit their goal of $100,000) to the cause.

Marino's foundation, which he and his wife started after their son Michael was diagnosed with autism, has already distributed more than $22 million for services, treatment, and research.

The best part? The day isn't over and the foundation has reached their $100K goal! Maybe next time they'll make the goal $200K. Check out some of today's most endearing tweets:

@jvaughan1175: "Look up, get up, and don't ever give up (Michael Irvin)" #teamautism

@SureshBeauty: LOVE doesn't discriminate. LOVE doesn't see age, color, creed, species, or sex. LOVE encompasses & conquers all! Spread LOVE. #teamautism

@Gkleebaum: #Team Autism Everything we do has an effect on someone.

@sports_voice: Dreaming of a world of compassion ... #teamautism

@therealTKNOCK47: My son has Autism, but Autism does not have him #TeamAutism

@Rrrraaay: For my younger brother, I'm on #TeamAutism every day

@Ejlouis: In honor of my nephew who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2, I'm adding #TeamAutism to my tweets today! Love you, Anthony!

@AutismSupermom: #TeamAutism we have almost helped raise $100k in just 2days! So very cool to see people come 2gether. Imagine what else we can do together!

@Autismfather: I don't wish to change my child to fit the world just because he has #Autism, I simply wish to change the world to fit him. #TeamAutism

Do you know someone affected by autism?


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