Social Media Helps Autism Raise Serious Coin

team up for autism

If you don't already believe in the power of social media, campaigns like this one will make you a believer. Today, Samsung worked together with the Dan Marino Foundation to raise awareness and money for autism. For each tweet, Facebook share, and Foursquare check-in using the hashtag #TeamAutism, Samsung pledged to donate $5 (until they hit their goal of $100,000) to the cause.

Marino's foundation, which he and his wife started after their son Michael was diagnosed with autism, has already distributed more than $22 million for services, treatment, and research.

The best part? The day isn't over and the foundation has reached their $100K goal! Maybe next time they'll make the goal $200K. Check out some of today's most endearing tweets:


@jvaughan1175: "Look up, get up, and don't ever give up (Michael Irvin)" #teamautism

@SureshBeauty: LOVE doesn't discriminate. LOVE doesn't see age, color, creed, species, or sex. LOVE encompasses & conquers all! Spread LOVE. #teamautism

@Gkleebaum: #Team Autism Everything we do has an effect on someone.

@sports_voice: Dreaming of a world of compassion ... #teamautism

@therealTKNOCK47: My son has Autism, but Autism does not have him #TeamAutism

@Rrrraaay: For my younger brother, I'm on #TeamAutism every day

@Ejlouis: In honor of my nephew who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2, I'm adding #TeamAutism to my tweets today! Love you, Anthony!

@AutismSupermom: #TeamAutism we have almost helped raise $100k in just 2days! So very cool to see people come 2gether. Imagine what else we can do together!

@Autismfather: I don't wish to change my child to fit the world just because he has #Autism, I simply wish to change the world to fit him. #TeamAutism

Do you know someone affected by autism?


Image via Samsung

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