Is Whitney Houston Pregnant or Fighting for Her Life?


whitney houstonIs Whitney Houston pregnant? Some photos began circulating this weekend that have made the public go, hmmm. Then made us go, eeew.

For starters, Houston is 47 years old -- it would be unlikely that she could conceive naturally. Secondly, she's been battling drug and alcohol addiction for decades -- she's not exactly a model of health. And thirdly, while the singer has generally been very svelte, if not extremely thin, maybe the bulge is just a little weight-gain in the midsection. And when one's trying to quit smoking or drinking, one sometimes finds comfort in a sixer of donuts.

So is Houston's bump a human baby, a food baby, or ... a medical condition?

One of the other rumors out there is that Houston is taking steroid injections for a respiratory infection, which can cause weight-gain.

I doubt she's with child. I bet it's just a little belly caused by steak frit and buttered rolls. I would be a little nervous if she is pregnant, she's not exactly stable. Exhibit A: she thought it'd be a good idea to be a part of Being Bobby Brown, a terrifying reality show that shed light on the couple's crazy, unstable, if not abusive, relationship. Exhibit B: last April rumor had it she cancelled shows due to her poor health caused by cocaine addiction.

It makes me yearn for the simpler days of  "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and The Bodyguard. Where's my cassette player and VCR? I wanna take a trip down memory lane with Ms. Houston.

Do you think Whitney Houston is pregnant?

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Madel... MadelynMc

Steroid meds will make you gain in the belly and face like that. I knew a girl with Crohn's that had that problem.


I have no idea. I have seen what steriods do to people,  so who knows? I hope she is taking care of herself and can be healthy.

sodapple sodapple

if it is by just looking at the pic i will say yes, but in reallity i hope not.

Susan Lockhart

I would be willing to bet that if she hasn't been pregnant by now, this isn't it either! With her years of drug and alcohol addiction and abuse, I would be more likely to believe she has some sort of liver failure that is causing her to look so... awful!

Pregnant women "glow". Whitney is NOT glowing!

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

God, her life is just sad. :(

islan... island_rose

i hope she's healthy!

cheerz00 cheerz00

No, just medications 

Lians... Liansmommie

since when is stability a requirement, for a celebrity with more money than brains, to have a kid?

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