New Diet Trend: Don't Chew That Burger -- Inhale It!

chemistry tubesDon't you just hate chewing your food? It takes so much energy! All that mouth movement, all that swallowing, what agony in my face!

Thankfully, a man at Harvard has developed something to help ease our pain. Professor David Edwards has conjured up possibly the most futuristic piece of Willy Wonka equipment I have ever seen. He calls his invention, Le Whaf.

Want that cupcake but don't want to chew? Le Whaf! Want that whiskey but you're off the wagon? Le Whaf! Want that cheeseburger but don't want the calories? Le what?!

That's right, Le Whaf is a diet apparatus. And it's affordable!


Coming in at around $140, you could totally buy it. Well, once it hits the market that is. There are only two in existence right now. But after it passes those pesky FDA tests, Le Whaf could be on shelves soon.

Listen, there is no part of this aromatic bowl of food-smelling chemicals that sounds like a good idea to me. Never in a million years would I want to inhale my food rather than eat it. Even if it is designed to be a weight-loss tool, how exactly does that work -- smelling foods always makes me hungrier, not satisfied.

Instead of cooking dinner, I don't see myself buying flavor packets. Even if they had my favorite foods like tomato soup, steak, and apple pie, I would not be inclined to try the Le Whaf. And! The flavor packets are like 200 calories, so it's not entirely guilt free.

To me, the Le Whaf doesn't have any legs. And remember when Oxygen Bars were going to sweep the nation? Yeah, those really took off. Not.

Would you buy the Le Whaf?

Photo via Foxymoron/Flickr

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