How to Exercise Indoors Without Going Insane

indoor workouts for winterNo matter where you live, there are times when the elements make it nearly impossible to exercise outdoors. For most of the country, now would be one of those times. With snow, ice, slush, and frigid temperatures, it's only the few and the brave who are outside working out.

For species other than gym rats, making that shift inside can be difficult and even derail one's good exercise intentions. But rather than hibernating and putting on some extra winter padding, here are a few ways to make indoor exercise a little more tolerable:

Explore New Options

If you typically only run, seek out classes. Search out a yoga studio, or if you're a biker, see what kind of spinning classes the local community center offers. If you belong to a gym, get your money's worth and take advantage of the options they offer.

Find a Friend

Working out at home with exercise videos can be great, but you have to be pretty disciplined to make sure you don't flip on Real Housewives instead of 6 Week Six Pack (or whatever your pleasure). It helps to schedule time with a friend of neighbor to do it together so that you have to show up or know she will.

Get Some New Tunes

If you plan to hit the treadmill or cardio machines, music is paramount. I hated the dreadmill for years until I got an iPod and was able to run the miles away in a blissful music haze. Here's a list of 99 Badass Running Songs for some inspiration.

Have Fun

If you have a video game console, there are a plethora of fitness programs out there you can play while getting fit. Yes, they count, and many see great results.

Focus on the Positive

While you're working up a sweat, it may be the first time you've felt real warmth in months. You can wear shorts! Spring isn't that far away ...

What tips do you have for moving your exercise routine inside?

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vicesix vicesix

I actually love working out indoors. There are a lot of great dvd's and programs available on the OnDemand menu of our cable provider. Admittedly, there are lots of boring, tedious routines, but you can sift through and find ones that are fun. My very favorites are the Turbo Jam workouts--I never get tired of those.

Peajewel Peajewel

I have been jogging on my treadmill and I keep in our sun room.  It is still cold out there but not windy, slippery or snow covered so I like it.  It is not too bad really.

frysh... fryshannon34

I like excersising indoors

tazdvl tazdvl

I always exercise in the home

sstepph sstepph

I always work out inside and outside. I love going for walk s in the snow :) && hikes.


yoga is my favorite thing and it can be done anywhere. I really do prefer to be outside though.

Ashly... Ashlynnsmommy07

it took me a second to figure out what the photo was of!

maine... mainemusicmaker

LOL, me too Ashlynnsmommy!

I exercise indoors a lot...outdoor activity is reserved for spring and fall as far as exercising...summer & winter is indoors dut to heat and/or cold.


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