Are Pretty Bath Salts the New Meth?


bath saltsWant to trip out or get high, but can't seem to locate a dealer? Fear not, a magical mystery trip is as close as your bathroom, and we're not even talking about the stuff in your medicine cabinet. Turns out bath salts can send you soaring on a high much like the one you get when taking methamphetamine.

Besides all the "fun," they can also cause suicidal behavior, hallucinations, and paranoia. In sum, they're really dangerous.

Great, besides the fact that these recent reports are likely to ruin my bath as they make the price of bath salts soar and their availability scarce, it gives people who want to get high a whole new way to do so. Seriously, who would just think up getting high off of bath salts on their own?

But don't throw out the bathwater just yet. You won't get high just from a soothing soak in the tub; you have to snort, inject, or smoke the salts to feel the effects. So at least there's that, but still. More and more everyday household items and legal substances are being highlighted for their drug-like virtues with the right usage, and you have to wonder how many people are trying them because they're right there when they hear about them.

Remember Miley Cyrus and the big to-do over her smoking Salvia from a bong? The herb is legal in many states, and I'm guessing if I had a dollar for every teenager who went out and tried it after hearing about it, I'd be rich ... or least able to buy a really nice pair of shoes.

From nutmeg to parsley, there are plenty of ways to get high if someone wants to badly enough, and it's not like we can hide these facts from anyone who wants to find them badly enough. I seem to remember a little incident in high school in which some friends drank enough peppermint extract to get really sick because we heard it could get you drunk.

So I guess instead we should be grateful that we're learning of all these secret substances as they could be helpful in spotting a problem in a friend or loved one. Keep a watch on those bath salts.

Are you surprised to learn of this other use for bath salts?

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qrex912 qrex912

I don't know what kid is stupid enough to do this. I also don't think that many kids went out and tried salvia  after Miley Cyrus was caught looking stupid (not cool) doing it. The salvia craze was played out before I was even in High School, and even among druggies, the suggestion of doing salvia was laughed off, because its just such a ridiculous, juvenile thing to do. I laugh when I read stories like this, because all you are doing is drawing more attention to it, and giving more kids the idea. Before you say, "well, this is not a website that lots of kids are on," all they'll have to do is google the bath salts, and then they'll get to this article.

Some parents go crazy over stuff like this, not realizing that they were the last to know about the "newest drug craze." and that at the point they're learning about it, its no longer a craze. Listen up parents, get off the internet and talk to your children. Openly, and honestly. That will give you more insight into teenage drug use than any article on cafe mom ever will. Even if your middle- or high-school age child isn't experimenting with drugs, I guarantee, they know someone who is.

sodapple sodapple

really? what will it be next, besides the items that we cook with. soon we will have to put eveything on very high shelves so our children won't be able to get them or for that matter never buy them anymore.

Knitt... KnittinMama

What moron is sitting around and "hey lets snort/inject/smoke some bath salts." Dumbass needs smacked upside the shell casing.

Knitt... KnittinMama

What moron is sitting around and "hey lets snort/inject/smoke some bath salts." Dumbass needs smacked upside the shell casing.

Adriel Dunysha Quick

Have any of the previous commenters or even the poster (and and of the readers who are going psssh puh-leese) actualy BEEN in an intense druggy situation? and im not talking about smoking weed in highschool or trying xtc that one time you were at a party that MIGHT have been a rave. The 'omg who would even start doing this' comments are down right niave when you have been in a true drug situation before. Though i was never a heavy drug user, i ran with a group of people who were as a teen. Iv seen people get high off of meth, weed, matches, lysol, cough syrup, countless perscription meds, coke, lsd, the canned air you spray key boards out with, and so many other things i cant even name them all. This is in no way new, or even recent. When a drug user is high, but that high starts to fade. they will try ANYTHING to get that hgh back. and often these people are more educated in chemestry and what certain chemacles will do to the human psyci than most phd doctors are. and that is the reason they will try some of the most off the wall things to get high, because they found out it has a high content of a certain chemical in it

qrex912 qrex912

Hold on, you have it all wrong. The 'bath salts' that were being referred to? That was the street name of another drug. MDPV is a designer drug. And you have your facts sooo wrong. Maybe become a real journalist and research your topic before you go off??


Peajewel Peajewel

I am not surprised at all.  People will do anything to get high it seems.


Wow.  not surprised really.  People are nuts.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Seriously? You must have to sink really low to attempt that.

Dannielle Richins

So what you're saying is, I can get high and enjoy a nice hot lavendar bath.


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