'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Dang, That's a Lot of Calories!

I began watching The Biggest Loser in the hopes that I'd learn something about calorie counting, and last night I discovered just how many calories are in my mac 'n' cheese. Argh.

Leading up to the big challenge, the Ranch Team had to face their weaknesses by standing in a room unsupervised with their favorite foods for three minutes. This doesn't sound like very long, but for someone like Arthur -- who got to be over 600 pounds by having pizza automatically delivered to his house every night -- it's an eternity. Especially when the pizza is piled high to the ceiling.


There was also fried chicken, cheesecake, mac 'n' cheese (1,203 calories per box!), egg rolls, chocolate cake, ribs, bacon cheeseburgers, and something called monkey bread, which Olivia described -- cue the porno soundtrack -- as "bread and brown sugar and white sugar and a couple sticks of butter and pecans ... and the caramel just falls all over it." Oh. My. Goodness.

Only one person gave into temptation: Arthur (my personal fave). He won the temptation challenge and got to send the Green Team over to the Unknowns for a week.

After a dramatic montage of Green Team members Jennifer and Jay working out with the Unknowns and new trainers Brett and Cara, who are both really into boxing and not much else, they had to face the rest of the couples in a major calorie-counting challenge.

Alison unveiled all of the favorite foods and asked each side to figure out how many calories in total these unhealthy yet totally mouthwatering foods represented by hoisting giant numbers between two poles.

My guess was 8,000 calories, while my husband's was 5,400. The real total? 8,754. Ouch. And the sad part is, I'm guessing more than a few contestants could toss that back in one sitting.

The prize, which went to everyone but Jennifer and Jay, was letters from home. The contestants were moved by their correspondence, including Arthur, who received a note from his young daughter encouraging him to stay the course.

Okay, 'fess up: What's the most calories you've consumed in one sitting?


Image via NBC.com

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