Cora Berger: Plastic Surgery Junkie or Workaholic?

cora bergerWhen it comes to cosmetic surgery, clearly it's possible to have too much of a good thing. As you may have read, German porn star and former Big Brother contestant Cora Berger died last week after undergoing her SIXTH breast enhancement surgery. The 23-year-old was supposedly having 28 ounces of silicon injected into each breast and was going from a size 34F to a 34G.

Her first five surgeries were done at a private clinic in Poland where she was refused admittance a sixth time. But a clinic in Hamburg, Germany, opted to do the surgery, and while she was under the knife, she may have suffered two heart attacks that resulted in her death. As a result, two doctors are now facing charges of negligent manslaughter.

Tragic and disturbing an incident as this is, maybe it will serve as a much-needed wake-up call for plastic surgery junkies of the world?


Interestingly, it wasn't just Berger's quest to look like the ultimate porn star sex goddess that resulted in medical woes. In 2009, she was rushed to the hospital with breathing difficulties after attempting to set a world record for consecutive sex acts, according to The Sun. Uh, wow. So I guess to some extent, her death could be attributed to a terribly unhealthy obsession with her work.

Berger could have elevated her, err, "craft" in many other ways than sporting 34G breasts. Still, her hunger for fame led to the poor decision to pursue that surgery. And few would disagree that the German doctors were also very much at fault for taking Berger on as their patient.

But here's what I want to know: In addition to saying to Berger, "Enough is enough," why didn't anyone -- the doctors at the clinic in Poland, those in Germany, or others close to her -- think that she could have used some counseling for completely whacked-out body image issues? 

Sadly, Berger's obsession seems only like a slightly exaggerated form of what we see going on right here in the United States, on TV, in tabloids, and even in doctors' offices every day. While the average contestant on Bridalplasty isn't attempting to have her sixth liposuction, and Heidi Montag's makeover is still (thankfully) in a league of its own, many women aspire to nip-tuck their way to happiness. Listen, I'm not opposed to a breast lift here, a little Botox there -- whatever. It's when the surgery becomes a go-to, repeated "solution" to a bigger, often psychological issue -- therein lies the real problem.  

As her fans and family mourn the loss of a young woman, I can only hope this tragedy will somehow serve as a lesson to doctors and patients -- reiterating that both parties must pay more attention to the 'why' and 'if' behind multiple visits under the knife.

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