Cora Berger: When Breast Obsession Turns Deadly

Cora BergerCora Berger's death that resulted from her sixth breast augmentation surgery was senseless any way you look at it. The 23-year-old porn star who starred on Germany's Big Brother was trying to go from a 34F to a 34G. That one cup size cost her her life.

Cora, whose real name was Coralin Berger, reportedly attempted to get the surgery in Poland where she had undergone the previous five surgeries, but this time they refused. The Alster Clinic in Hamburg, Germany, however, was willing to do the job -- a job that went horribly wrong.

After suffering heart problems during the procedure she was put in an artificial coma in which she stayed for nine days until she passed away yesterday. Now the surgeons there are being investigated for manslaughter.


While medical misdoings would be an awful addition to this story, it's sad enough without it. Sad that a young woman would be so obsessed with publicity, so obsessed with her body that she would put herself in such danger. Sad because she didn't have to die.

But she's not alone. Remember Shelya Hershey, the woman who formerly held the record for the World's Biggest Boobs and almost died because of them? She recently told Fox News that she's preparing for surgery to get her bust back. She's ready to put her life on the line again all for the sake of boobs. 

"I'm ready to get my breasts back and take my life back!," Hershey told Fox.

Or forfeit it forever. Perhaps Hershey will see Berger's story and rethink her choice, though I doubt it. Because when there's an emptiness that deep, it seems there's no risk too great to take to fill it.

When I read cases like this I can't help but think of all the women out their battling breast cancer, the millions who have died from it. I think of how their breasts are killing them, and how these women are killing themselves for their breasts, and it all becomes that much more senseless.

But I also think of my own desire for a little lift after the damage pregnancy and breastfeeding have done to mine, and I wonder if any risk -- no matter how small -- is worth taking with one's life for the sake of physical beauty. And I don't know. Where and how do you draw the line?

Condolences to Berger's family.

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