Amped Up on Coffee, Women Rule & Guys Drool

coffeeIt's almost quitting time on a Friday, and lord knows I need some coffee. If I'm to make it through the end of the day then enjoy a night on the town, caffeine is necessary. So, I'm happy to report that there's good news for us women who enjoy a little roasted blend. A new research study shows that after drinking coffee, women perform better in stressful situations than men. Woot woot! Is that Starbucks Trenta size available in NYC yet?

The study observed 64 male and female participants as they prepped for presentations, which had performance-based compensation. And guess who ruled, and who drooled? That's right, the women, smelling rich and delicious like a fresh Colombian coffee field, kicked butt.

So does this mean we can sabotage the men in our lives with an innocent cup of joe?


Well, maybe! The experiment suggests that after three cups of coffee and under stress, women will collaborate rationally and get things done. Men, on the other hand, will take off their shirts, pound their chests, and jump up and down on the conference room table.

OK, no. But the guys had difficulties staying focused and exhibited their classic fight or flight tendencies while the women stayed calm. Given a puzzle, the stressed, caffeinated men solved it 20 seconds slower than they had without coffee, compared to the women who solved the puzzle 100 seconds faster while under the Folgers influence.

Thinking about it, I'm kinda hoping that President Obama and his staff don't have coffee in meetings. Yikes! Just another reason we need some more females in the White House ...

Anyway, time to hatch some evil plans. Want to stand out in your next meeting? Bring coffee for everyone and watch the men, and forgive me for this high-brow medical term, lose their sh*t. And then BOOM. You're SVP, and you can thank me later. Now where's my mug?

Will you drink more coffee now before stressful meetings?


Photo via Ballistik Coffee Boy/Flickr

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