$80 for Tampons? Bloody Hell


O.B. ultra absorbencyThe day you finally buck up and try your first tampon is like a little piece of heaven for a girl. I could wax poetic about the day you bid the diaper-like pads adieu, and taste freedom, heaven, nirvana. In fact, I just did.

But let me get this out there. No tampon is worth $76. Not even the O.B. tampons, which mysteriously disappeared from shelves last month and equally mysteriously reappeared this week. And yet there they are on eBay at prices like $84.90 for "Unopened O.B. OB Tampons ULTRA Purple Tampon 40 x 2 Box" and $76 for "3 Boxes O.B. OB Tampons ULTRA Purple Tampon 40 - 120ttl."

Sure, anyone can slap a crazy price on an eBay auction. But people are bidding on these. At $80 for tampons!

The tampon black market is alive and well! Or should that be red market? I credit Jezebel's Dodai Stewart, a blogger blessed (cursed?) with the super flow, for the warning that O.B. was being yanked late last year. A devotee of the little cotton sticks without an applicator, hers was the first report I read that the ultra absorbency line was being yanked off shelves. Then came the warning that O.B. was off the shelves. All O.B.

I thanked my lucky stars that a certain post-menopausal woman had just recently passed on her stash just as I was starting to cotton onto the advantage of going applicator free (hello, space saving in the purse and, hello, easy to hide in the hand for a run to the ladies). It was almost as freeing as the day I ended my diaper-like contraption wedged up the butt dependency in favor of the teenage dream.

Stewart, always on top of things, announced just this week that we're safe, O.B. is back and here to stay. So pass your clots in peace ladies, you're safe.

Unless, that is, you're an ultra absorbency fan. They're still gone, and they're never coming back (evil cackle courtesy of parent company JJ McNeil). Which has led us to scenes like this:

OB Tampons prices

See those bids? It's a bloody mess -- pun intended. Because a run to Target last weekend confirmed I could get my old standby, the Tampax Pearl Compact (also a space saver in the purse, also easy to hide for that run to the bathroom) for about $6.50 a box. I'm willing to pay more than the store brand when it comes to something that goes inside my vag, but for something I use every month without fail, I have my limits. With that kind of mark-up, I just can't see being brand loyal.

Would you pay big for your favorite tampon?

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nonmember avatar A

I personaly dont use tampons. Havnt since my first child was born six years ago. But that's just me. :O)

And holy crap on the price from ebay! LOL

Javi0... Javi05Eli07

I guess it is a good thing I had a baby and haven't had a period since last year.  I have used OB tampons for 12 years and can't imagine having to try and find another one that doesn't make me feel like I'm leaking every 5 minutes.

bibdy... bibdybobdyboob

Reminds me of the Today sponge.  It disappeared from the market only to show up on ebay at heavily marked up prices years later, crazy.

Knitt... KnittinMama

After we lost our jobs and had zero money coming in I had to get creative. An early morning suprise led me to knit my own pads. Wouldnt go back if I had the choice now. Family to take care of on oddjobs that barely pay we cant afford comfort or pride. Do what ya gotta do ladies.

poshkat poshkat

i remember when they took the ob juniors off the shelves right after i started using them when i was 13. i was pissed but i made do with the ob regulars, cant use them anymore after having my son but man i miss those tiny suckers! so easy to hide, so easy to use, only a tiny wrapper to throw away.......brb going to buy a box. lol

thedg... thedgoddess

Don't use tampons. I use "Instead cups." So much more comfortable, took some getting used to but are sorta like Diva cups (which I loved).

tazdvl tazdvl

I would never pay that much for something that you are just going to throw away.

tayan... tayanddyl

is that why i can't find any lite tampons?  I've been everywhere.  guess i better head over to ebay

tanya... tanya_marieh

i'll stick with my diva cup

banan... bananaapplepie

I like the brand U. IDK who it is by, but it is awesome. The plastic applicators are cool colors too lolz

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