'The Biggest Loser' Recap: New Trainer Getting Crap Already

Championship boxer Cara Castronuova and martial arist/motivator Brett Hoebel were officially unveiled last night as the new "unknown" trainers, following much Internet buzz, which mainly called out Castronuova for not actually being a personal trainer.

Apparently, the two-time Golden Gloves winner is aware of her lack of qualifications. "I'm not a celebrity trainer. I don't have my own line of DVDs, but I'm a fighter," she explained.

Brett, however, does have a DVD. The self-described "fitness trainer, motivator, and martial artist" -- who was a fat teen, by the way -- is the creator of RevAbs, from the people who brought you Hip Hop Abs! Oh, and he has a nickname -- El Capitan.


But the focus of last night's ep wasn't The Unknowns, as the team still has immunity for working with these nobodies. And it's a good thing, because these guys are in trouble. During a serious wake-up call from Dr. H., 26-year-old Sarah was revealed to have a body fat content of 58 percent, 27-year-old Q was given an "inner age" of 51, and middle-aged Moses was literally given a death sentence: 4/23/25 if he doesn't shape up. Yikes!

The real drama of the night centered on the black team, comprised of Don and his twin brother, Dan, who has made no secret of wanting to go home. During an emotional sitdown with Jillian, Dan revealed that he lost a son to drug addiction.

When it came to weigh-in, the results were shocking. While 463-pound Arthur of the blue team lost only four pounds and was sure he was getting sent home, Dan and Don each gained nine pounds. For once, Bob and Jillian were speechless. And convinced that the twins did this on purpose.

Nevertheless, Ranch teammate Irene, who held the single vote for elimination, was swayed by Dan's desire to be a good dad to his 9-year-old daughter and sent him home. Bob was furious. "You don't gain nine pounds on The Biggest Loser Ranch," he huffed. "You just don't."

But, this story has a silver lining, as it was later revealed that Dan lost 72 pounds at home. Take that, Bob!

Did Dan and Don throw the competition? Does it matter?

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