Becoming a Pisces Has Ruined My Life!

AriesEven though it seems that the scientists behind the new zodiac signs think you're stupid and the whole thing is a crock, many people are still trying to adjust to their new sign and the personality that comes along with it. As for me, my birthday is on April 10, and according to the new zodiac dates, I'm now a Pisces instead of an Aries.

So let me get this straight: I was once a ram, the first sign in the zodiac, the sign that comes up first on every horoscope list: busy, energetic, stubborn, spirited, beating people up with my ram horns.

And now I'm ... a fish? The very last sign of the zodiac, compassionate, imaginative, lazy, and swimming around all day?

While I was mourning the loss of being an Aries, I had this conversation in my head about my new sign. Worries about being insane aside, since it's bad to talk to yourself, here's what I came up with about the good and the bad about being a Pisces:


The Good: I hate to say it, but being a Pisces is far more in line with my personality, as in general, I'm pretty sensitive, quiet, and kind of wimpy. I've always felt torn in life, which is a characteristic of many Pisces, and am far more reflective than what an Aries should be.

The Bad: Being an Aries is cool. I'm attached to and invested in the sign. Being a ram is so much cooler than a fish. And I definitely have a stubborn streak, which comes out unexpectedly and surprises a lot of people. Aries are the first in line, the natural leaders. And I hate to say it, but I like to be first. Winning is so much more fun than losing, and Aries are best at it.


The Good: I hardly know anything about the other zodiac signs other than my own, so this was a good opportunity to learn about a new one and see what my new personality is supposed to be.

The Bad: But then again, I don't care about any other sign. The only ones that are important are mine and whomever I end up marrying, duh. So I can check every single astrology website to see if we're actually compatible.


The Good: Pisces is one of the most mysterious signs, and their personalities seem to have far more depth than an Aries. Aries are sometimes akin to a 5-year-old boy running around with a level of manic energy that would hopefully come out in pill form someday.

The Bad: It's fun to know which famous people share your sign. I know I was an Aries along with James Franco (swoon), Gloria Steinem, Heath Ledger, Chuck Norris (yup!), and Leonardo Da Vinci. Now I have to go back and look up all their birthdays to see if we're still the same sign and get used to a new batch of celebrities who I think I can relate to because of this pointless and insignificant connection.


The Good: Now that I'm a Pisces, perhaps I should embrace my pushover side more and just accept the fact that I will always be last in life. And this brand-new revelation that I'm now a Pisces instead of an Aries, last instead of first, could be the start of a beautiful relationship with a new therapist.

The Bad: This is just too hard to accept. I'm stubborn, I'm annoyed, and I refuse to change my sign as a result of some "scientific" study. The end. How's that for an Aries?

Are you now a Pisces? How are you dealing with it?


Image via Vectorportal/Flickr

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