Michelle Williams Wants to Pay for Your Yoga

Michelle WilliamsEver asked a mom what the number one thing standing in between her and losing weight was? Michelle Williams is willing to bet it's your kids. And she means that in the kindest way. 

The Blue Valentine star is arguably one of America's most famous single moms, and she has got a rocking body. Which she realizes she can maintain thanks to her lifestyle (hello nannies to keep Matilda busy while Mom hits the exercise routine!). So now she's giving back to other American mamas.


She's co-founded the The Yoga for Single Moms Project, a free class that even offers, get this, childcare for your kids! Says the project's vision statement:

Single moms take care of everything. So, we take care of you .... Through free yoga classes, along with simultaneous (but separate) childcare, moms enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of yoga without financial or childcare constraints. In the meantime, kids enjoy a fun place to explore, create, play, and learn, through yoga.

I've never taken yoga, but it sounds like heaven even for this married mom. Finding the energy and the time to go to an exercise class was long my biggest hurdle. Then I found a Zumba class where the owner has a child around my daughter's age, a kid who sometimes takes part in the class. She's been open on the days when I didn't have childcare to let my kid stand in the back and copycat the class. It's taken a load off of my mind, and my mom bod is already feeling better a month into the classes. I have definition in my thighs again! And my neck cracks again (although the stress is still there).

It's hard as a mom to put yourself first -- even harder, I'm willing to bet, as a single mom -- but sometimes you have to do it as much for your kids as for yourself. They need a mom who feels good about herself and who's healthy enough to take care of herself.

And who better to remind us of that than Michelle Williams? I have to say I love what she's doing here, acting as a role model for other single moms, yeah, but even more so putting her money where her mouth is. And while she's out talking it up, she's taking a backseat in Massachusetts, where the first program is getting off the ground, to give the program some real credibility. She's referred to on the site only as "Michelle, a single mom from New York who has long appreciated the benefits of yoga in keeping her grounded and calm." The top billing goes to the instructors, Chanel Luck and Bonnie Argo, who will be serving the moms. You can hit their site and contribute to help them keep the project going for all the other moms out there.

Do you ever feel like you'd be able to work out more if it wasn't for your kids?


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