My New Year's Resolution: Embrace the California Lifestyle

new year's resolutionAs I look outside my home office window at a grapefruit tree, I have to admit that I have yet to eat a single grapefruit fresh from my very own tree. That's my first clue that even though I moved to California nine months ago, I'm not really living here. But in 2011 I'm going to change all of that and go full California. That's right -- all the way.

I'm going to shed my New Yorker'ness and start smiling at people at the grocery store. I'm going to stop fearing driving due to lack of parking, and start using valet if I have to. I'm going to head to the beach on the weekends and then go for a hike. You can do that here because on one side you've got the beach, the other side the mountains. How amazing is that? Before I had the East River on one side, and Gowanus Canal on the other. And I'm not sure if you're even allowed to put your kayak in either one of those bodies of water. 

But most importantly, I'm going for the big three:

  1. Yoga
  2. Veg
  3. Meditate

Okay, maybe not all three at once. But I will renew my commitment to exercise and yoga feels the most California to me. I can throw in some meditation (UCLA has a great online resource for non-Californians as well), and while I tried to go vegetarian before, I'll keep trying to institute these changes into my diet.

I know it will take a lot to shake off more than a decade of New York, and honestly I'd prefer to maintain some of that edge. If for no other reason than to assist me with my defensive driving skills out here. But when you live somewhere that offers ample opportunity to chill out, you've got to embrace the lifestyle. Otherwise, you're just living in an almost-bankrupt state that could be taken down by an earthquake-tsunami at any moment for what? The weather? Yeah, okay, the weather is pretty great too. And excuse me, as I get myself out in it as I go to pick up my lunch at Tender Greens. They have valet.


Image via Flavio@Flickr/Flickr

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