Ali Fedotowsky Is Full of Fat Excuses

Ali FedotowskyAli Fedotowsky and her weight have made plenty of headlines since we first met her on The Bachelor. As her scale has gone up and down, one thing is becoming clear about the sunny blonde: She’s full of excuses when she packs on the pounds.

Most recently, she's blaming living with her hot husband-to-be, Roberto Martinez. "He's sitting there ordering pizzas and eating ice cream, and I'm like, 'Gimme some!'" she told Us.

After about six weeks her clothes started getting tight. Uh, big surprise? And didn't she learn anything from her experience after The Bachelorette? If you recall, she blamed 15 pounds on that experience earlier this year, saying all the retakes made her eat and drink ... again and again.


"They'd retape scenes, so all she did was eat and drink," a source told Us Weekly this summer, adding that when the show was over, Ali, 25, "binged while unwinding with her family."

“I was always hungry!” she told OK! “I didn’t think much of it, but everyone noticed.” So she lost those pounds, and looked fit and fab sporting a bikini on the magazine's cover.

Ali Fedotowsky

But she went right back to her old habits after moving in with Roberto. Clearly men are one of Ali's biggest diet downfalls.

It sounds like she's on it again though and has a healthy plan of attack including hiking, interval training, and workout DVDs.

"Since then I've made a lot of lifestyle changes," she told Us magazine recently. "I realize it's not about dieting necessarily, it's really about making a change in your life."

Hopefully this time, the lesson will stick and we won't see any more yo-yoing or hear any more excuses from her ... until she's complaining about getting off the baby weight.

What are your biggest excuses for gaining weight?

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