Celeb Weight Loss Secrets Will Ruin Your Resolutions

This week it's literally impossible to turn on the TV, walk into your local drugstore, or surf the Internet without stumbling upon diet success stories direct from Hollywood!

And because we simply can't escape celebs' bikini bods as we make our New Year's resolutions to lose weight (or at least be able to button our damn jeans again), we may find ourselves brainwashed into thinking that celebs have the magic bullet.

Can you relate? Then you may need a reality check: Even if a star's magic bullet is an actual healthy eating or exercise regimen -- you know, as opposed to lipo -- here are some reasons why attempting to following in his or her footsteps could actually sabotage your weight loss goal.


The Curious Case of Kourtney Kardashian: Sister of Kim and Khloe recently dropped 45 pounds and says she now weighs in at 95 pounds. She's only 5'1", but somehow a sub-100 pound weigh-in seems like overkill. What's worse? Well ... the way she is supposedly maintaining her weight loss. Kourtney recently told OK! Magazine that she just has "little meals" and "tries to squeeze in a workout." Sounds fishy, right? But there's more: Kourtney claims she's managed to drop 45 pounds, all while continuing to eat Oreo Double Stufs, Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles, and the mini Hostess Donettes -- she's "obsessed with them."

Lesson: Legit weight loss or not, undying devotion to junk food does not a healthy woman make. Even if you love yourself Funyuns, favoring whole foods is integral to keeping the scale in check.

The Joyless Weight Loss Journey of Kelly Osbourne: The petite former Dancing With the Stars competitor has been lauded for her recent pound droppage, and yeah, she looks great. But it's worrisome that she was quoted as saying, "It’s been a lot of hard work, it hasn’t been easy. Most of it’s not fun but the results really are.”

Lesson: You're never going to stick to something that you don't find "fun." Losing weight is a challenge, sure, but it should be one filled with workouts that you want to devote your time to and foods that you truly enjoy. But if you have as little joy on your journey to a slimmer self as it seems Kelly had -- well, that feels like a recipe for a rebound binge-your-face-off disaster. 

J.Lo's No-Fun Diet: Move over, Atkins. A French diet called The Dukan Diet is said to be favored by the diva-turned-American Idol judge. The diet calls for long periods spent consuming solely protein -- not even veggies are allowed in the first stage! Oh, and supposedly you only go hungry for ... the first three days. Give me a break!

Lesson: Anyone who's lost weight and kept it off for a long time will tell you that "everything in moderation" is the key to lasting, healthy weight loss. It's obvious that many diet plans supposedly practiced by svelte celebs are anything but realistic or healthy -- they're just plain extreme. Plus, side effects of the diet include: Fatigue, dry mouth, constipation, and ... bad breath. (Idol contestants: You've been warned.)

Are you ever tempted to try stars' weight-loss plans to reach your own New Year's resolutions?


Image via OK! Magazine

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