Drew Carey Weight Loss Secret That Worked for Me

He's no Bob Barker, but Drew Carey may be an inspiration to many. And a healthy one, at that. After losing more than 80 pounds by cutting carbs, The Price Is Right star has another secret to his motivation. No, he's not running for 2 hours a day or parking his car farther away from the mall -- he's indulging.

"Eating crappy food is a reward. It's all about balance, and a healthy lifestyle needs those rewards to succeed. Bust your hump and eat right during the week and it won't kill you to have a few slices and a six pack or a bottle of wine on the weekend. You just can't be doing that every night of the week."

Wait -- indulge, eat what you want, and lose weight? Well, actually ... yeah.


The secret: Moderation. Having beer and wings every night won't exactly lead you down the trail for success (but eating potatoes might). But having a beer and some wings on the weekend may just be the best dieting tip, ever.

When you have a weight issue, you use food as a crutch. For so many years I, like Carey, took to food whenever my emotions got the best of me. I sought out comfort from life's stressors behind the pantry doors and only felt better after ingesting some sort of unhealthy concoction (generally, in mass quantities).

And when you're foodie, it's also your best reward. Sure, once I found a way to shed the pounds, I loved trying on smaller-sized jeans, skirts, and dresses. I loved being able to wear a pair of shorts to the gym and not feel so self-conscious.

But nothing was more rewarding to me during my weight loss journey as stepping onto a scale at my Saturday Weight Watcher's meeting (pre new Points system), seeing my hard work pay off, and then immediately leaving, stopping at Dunkin' Donuts, and buying a glazed stick for 89 cents.

Is a glazed stick "no carb"? No. Is it a bazillion points on WW? Hell yes (exaggeration necessary). But for me, it was the reward I looked forward to that didn't derail my success, and tasted sweet enough to make the week's hard work worthwhile.

Kudos to you Drew for sticking to your guns. It seems that your diet secret has really paid off for you in the long run. Now if only we could do something about your hosting skills ...

Is moderation a key component to your diet?

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