5 Alternative Uses for Tampons (Pretty Ones, Too)

tampon art

Tampon garland, anyone?

I don't even like the word tampon. It's not that I'm squeamish about my period, it's just one of those unsettling words -- like "moist." But tampons do their job, right? So I have to appreciate them for that.

What I most emphatically do not have to appreciate is any of the following items, all made from tampons. Some of them are shockingly cool and others are just kind of shocking.

At least we can all be thankful none of them involve menstrual blood ...


Aren't you just dying to string a colorful tampon garland (see right) around your window? Think of all the color options!

tampon art
This chandelier was created out of more than 14,000 tampons! Need a close up? Here you go:

tampon art

The entire thing is just held together with cotton string, some of which comes from the tampons themselves!

tampon art

This lovely cotton wrap is made out of tampons and string, but its construction makes it resemble something harvested from an albino Yeti -- or the Anthropologie catalog ...

tampon art

Because we really need designer tampons? What I'm wondering is why the designer chose to make this look like an accessory for a much more elegant use on the body.

tampon art

Get ready for cocktail hour in this dainty little tampon dress. The fluffed-up red skirt really adds a bit of dramatic flair, doesn't it?

tampon art

Finally, everything you've been dreaming of: a tampon blow gun, complete with a strap of live ammo rounds. Load the rounds with a bit of red paint, and you may just hear the most satisfying splat of your life. And what a great way to blow off some PMS steam!

Does tampon art freak you out or make you laugh?


Images (top to bottom) via EBaumsWorld, Archithings, WalterWorks, Design Spotter, EBaumsWorld, Tampon Crafts

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