Save Mandatory P.E. Classes, Save Adults From Obesity

A long, long time ago... back in the day, Physical Education (P.E.) classes were just part of the school curriculum. You did your readin', writin', 'rithmatic ... and P.E. That's just the way it was.

Am I dating myself if I tell you we even had to wear a special P.E. uniform? I didn't care much for that ugly outfit and sometimes I didn't care much for the P.E. activities -- like when we had to do team sports and I got picked last -- but I'm so glad P.E. was mandatory when I was a kid.

Why? Because it made physical activity a natural part of our day. Back then, being active was cool. Besides P.E., we would run around and play outside. A lot.

But things have changed. More states are letting students opt out of P.E., despite the childhood obesity crisis. What's up with that??? What do you think would have happened if I had the choice to opt out of P.E. classes like kids do these days?


Now, we didn't have computers and all those fancy electronics way back then, but I reckon I probably would have turned into a couch potato. Yep, we had television in those days. Color, even. And I just would have sat around watching TV for hours.

Ugly uniform aside, I have P.E. to thank for my lifestyle today. I don't think I'd be as active today if it weren't for those classes that let me discover physical activities I liked. And those activities became a part of my life. Yes, I still sit around sometimes and get online and text until my fingers go numb like all the cool kids do today. But I also get my exercise on.

Do you think P.E. should remain mandatory in schools?


Image via The Principia/Flickr

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