Weight Watchers Online Leaves No Excuses for Fat

Weight Watchers OnlineFor years, Weight Watchers has been heralded as one of the the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off. Now Weight Watchers Online and its new bells and whistles make it easier than ever to lose weight. Really, there's no excuse for being fat anymore.

Okay, you have to actually have the willpower to follow the plan, but despite that little matter, they really are making it more enticing than ever to get slim and fit in 2011. And they're getting more aggressive and personal in their messaging, showing you so with hordes of real people -- even a man -- who have used their new ProPoints Plan in their latest advertising campaigns.


Seeing all these people in addition to the newly svelte Jennifer Hudson shed their poundage makes it downright irresistible and inexcusable for anyone with a few (or many) pounds to lose not to sign up. Especially since it takes just a few clicks of the computer to sign up and play along ... oh, and that willpower again, keep forgetting that.

While in-person meetings may work for some, they can also be intimidating for others or too time-consuming for busy people. But the ability to just log onto your computer to track points and such blows those excuses out of the water.

Add in things like their new iPad App, Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion, and it gets even easier. It not only allows you track points in your kitchen, but provides recipes with points totals, the ability to create shopping lists, and even videos showing you just how to cook up the healthy fare. The app is free with your Weight Watchers subscription, which isn't too bad at $17.95  per month plus a $29.95 sign-up fee ... as long as you use it.

It certainly would be easy to sign up and then watch as the charges appear on your credit card statement each month reminding you that you've never even logged in since that initial burst of commitment. Not that I would know anything about that ...

Have you ever done Weight Watchers Online? Do the new promotions make you want to try it?

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