Magical Massaging Bra Can Save You From Breast Cancer

brassageEver feel like your breasts are just full of toxins? I know I do. Dirty, nasty pollution. Lymph nodes chock full of disease waiting to happen. Surely there must be a cure for such a horrid affliction!

Surely there must be something that can prevent those toxins from transforming into deadly breast cancer!

But wait!

There is!

(And your husband’s gonna loooove it.)


It's no surprise that companies regularly prey on the fears of women. Some of them would have no means of selling their products without fear. I fear the Brassage is just another of those products.

The Brassage was designed by Christina Erteszek, the heir to the Olga lingerie throne, whose mother died of breast cancer about 20 years ago -- so it's easy to see where the impetus came from. But whatever the reason, this product is just plain ridiculous.

Erteszek claims regular bras could actually be hazardous to your health because they trap toxins in the breasts. You know that lead-lined bra you wear? It's just a cap to a giant landfill.

Her Brassage, however, has  bumps sewn into the sides that stimulate the flow of blood through the lymph nodes, flushing those toxins away.

Right. I thought that's what lymph nodes did. 

Interestingly enough, the Brassage website is no longer active. Wonder why?

Can you believe the Brassage? Is this the craziest product you've seen lately?


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