How Many Weight Watchers Points Is Christmas?

Two weeks ago, I did what might possibly be the most catastrophically stupid thing a person who loves both food and Christmas can do. I started Weight Watchers.

Not officially, mind you ... my husband's been doing it for a month off and on, and when I wrote about the new Points Plus System, I figured I ought to know what I was talking about. So I figured out my point target, whipped out one of their nifty little trackers, and tried it.

And it was, well, pretty easy. So I kept it up. I've lost about five pounds so far, and the hardest thing has been the fact that my husband gets 18 more points than I do per day ... which means he's been able to eat pretty much everything he wants, just less of it, while I'm trying to decide if that little itty-bitty piece of chocolate is worth 1/16th of my daily point total or if I should just have a 0-point carrot instead.


Of course, this last week has been very social, with friends offering enormous amounts of delicious food and drinks, and I am currently staring down the need to bake three kinds of cookies without eating 5 days' worth of points in dough alone. And I have already gotten through one family birthday, a date night and a holiday brunch.

See? Dumb. Dumb as a box of hair. I'm not so deep into weight loss mode that I have all kinds of delicious low-fat recipes and even crave broccoli, but I have invested too much time and made too much progress toward my goal to then let myself live on cookies, wine, and appetizers for the next several days, as would be my preference.

But at least I do have the zeal of the convert to encourage me. Last time I joined Weight Watchers (it's like AA ... lots of people join many, many times before it sticks), I remember the leader telling people who joined right before Christmas that they could go into the New Year knowing they had already started on their resolution to lose weight and were at least a few pounds down from where they would be otherwise. That's a nice place to be.

And man, will I get to be smug come January


Image via Nevada Tumbleweed (Mark Holloway)/Flickr

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