5 Really Scary Reasons to Skip the Gym


gymAs if you couldn't come up with enough excuses to skip that workout on your own, The Washington Post recently published an article titled "Consumer Reports Insights: "Health clubs harbor hidden dangers". What a way to motivate the obese masses!

In it they list five dangers and how to minimize your risk for each. They include frightening diseases like staph infections from germy equipment and dirty pools that cause gastrointestinal illness. Heart attacks, eye injuries and muscle strains are also included. All legit concerns at some level, but not unique to the gym in most cases. And really, the risk of most of them is minuscule in comparison to the risk of obesity and a lack of exercise.

But there are some other major hazards that are only found at the gym, and you'll have to weigh for yourself if they're more or less hazardous to your health than your gym workout.

Post-Locker-Room Stress Syndrome

This occurs when you're subjected to the proud naked bodies of people who, uh ... perhaps shouldn't be so proud.  Getting a glimpse while someone is changing their clothes is one thing, but seeing them parade around, blow dry their hair and moisturize their entire body in the buff can cause some serious flashbacks.


When there's an entire row of empty treadmills and someone constantly picks the one next to you; or out of all the empty lockers in the locker room they choose the one right next to the one you're opening, it can really mess with a person's head. WHY?!!!

Permanent Nasal Damage

Sometimes the body odor is so ripe and repulsive, the membranes in your nose are sure to suffer permanent damage.

Ear Grunt Disorder

While tinnitus is the term for ringing ears, I'm not sure what the one is for constantly hearing grunting in your ears. But if you workout near the free weights, chances are the gratuitous grunting will be so loud and frequent that the sound will echo in your ears long after you've left.

Inferiority Complex

All those women who put their makeup on BEFORE they workout may make you feel slovenly for thinking it was a good idea to wash yours OFF before you started. Other contributors to this disorder are the ultra-competitive class participants who stand front and center and show off just to show everyone else up.

What frightening gym dangers do you encounter?

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psych... psychmama

OMG, I work at the Ymca and I completely understand about the post locker stress syndrome. I have seen more naked old saggy bodies than a geriatric obgyn. And then there is the hippie ladies who don't shave ANYTHING and walk around drying their hair, peeing with the stall door open and then put one leg up on the bench to be able to accurately apply their lotion. It is uber gross!!!!

nonmember avatar Kim

I love this article about the gym, it's all so true and absolutely hilarious. This website is so entertaining I read it every day. Thanks and Merry Christmas! Kim

nonmember avatar Abby

Men wearing Hammer pants and fanny packs, or the dude who does legs in jean shorts. Both are traumatizing.
There is also the dude who screams into his cell phone while running on the treadmill or the woman who does one rep of something while staring at herself in the mirror (usually catching the attention of the man in sweatpants who rode the stationary bike and sweated through said sweatpants in unflattering places.)

tazdvl tazdvl

I fear all of those so I stay home and exercise.


This is too funny.  I am a bit fearful of the smelly people and the germs.

Sultr... SultryLadyBug

The smell and the sweat residue eww. Gross Gross.

Chris Brave Heart

lol. i hate the boney chic who thinks shes hot but not, exspecially when she cracks at me by asking me if i know where the calve machine is at. i know my calves are skinny.

nonmember avatar Archman X

WORST ARTICLE EVER!!! If going to the gym helps you work out, it beats the results of not going: OBESITY-DEPRESSION FROM BEING OVERWEIGHT-DIABETES

nonmember avatar Anna E. Wooten

I do not know were the gym you talk about are I would be afraid to go there also. In Long Beach,CA we are health coucious. They provide with a santi cloth to wipe everything before you change machines. We have a villigent health department. Everyone want to go to their next machine with confisence. This is a health couscious city,

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