5 Holiday Gifts for Readers of The Stir

christmas morningChristmas means something extra special to us at The Stir this year. Launched just this March, it's the site's first one ever. But like most first-timers on the holidays, we don't really need presents. We've already got them -- in the form of the thousands of people who show up every day to read The Stir. You've given us the gift of your readership this year, and we're humbled by it. So now we'd love to play Santa and give a little something back.

Here are our Christmas wishes for the readers of The Stir (and if you don't celebrate Christmas, don't worry, there are gifts on here for you too):


A Late Morning in Bed

The kids will be impossible to put to bed tonight, intent as they are on keeping their eyes on that Santa Tracker they heard about on the news. Let that translate into a late morning lazing in bed for the whole family . . . hey, we can all dream, can't we?

christmas gifts

A Gift JUST FOR YOU Under That Tree

Guys are notorious for buying gifts "for you" that are really for them, and we all know that a 5-year-old let loose in the mall will end up bringing home a Matchbox car "for Mom." So here's hoping someone thought of you this year. Not Mom. Not the wife. But really thought of YOU. You deserve it.


Peace on the Home Front

Here's hoping your mother-in-law keeps her trap shut, and your kid sister opts out on upstaging your big news. Keep an open mind this Christmas, and your family might surprise you. If not, there are always cocktails and The Stir archives to catch up on in the corner of the living room.

merry christmas

A Merry Christmas

Whether you celebrate or not, tomorrow is a day off of work for most folks and a chance to spend it with family. So crack open the cookie tins, turn on the yule log and have a merry!

happy new year

A Happy, Healthy New Year

The Stir will celebrate its first birthday in 2011, but we can't do it without you. So have a happy, healthy and SAFE new year, and come back and see us. We'll be waiting to make you laugh, make you cry, and engage in rousing debate about the news of the day.

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