Most Infuriating Things About Yoga

Yoga instructors are nothing if not mellow, gentle, accepting people. A good one will make sure you know it's all about your own journey in class, that there is no competition or judgements, etc. But even they have things that annoy them during class. Want to be teacher's pet? Don't do these things, as reported in Whole Living magazine.

  • Bring a cell phone to class 
  • Bring a coffee (sort of defies the purpose of yoga)
  • Show up late
  • Chew gum
  • Be stinky (shower before class!) 
  • Leave early (unless you have discussed it with the instructor beforehand)
  • Check out your classmates
  • Talk
  • Fail to share important information like pregnancy that will affect your practice
  • Four words: Loose shorts, no underwear (eewwwwwww).

Amen to all of the above ... and let me just add these yoga student pet peeves:

  • Boring classes: If you can see that we've all mastered the warrior series, figure out something else for us to try next week.
  • Making references to anyone's age, shape or size: Even if complimentary, it sort of goes against the whole welcoming, non-jock atmosphere of yoga. Suggest adaptations to the class at large, don't say "Because you're older/pregnant/bigger, you'll want to ..."
  • Hitting on students: I'm looking at you, Rodney Yee.

And as for fellow yoga students, about the only pet peeve I can add is: Don't show off. If you've been practicing a long time and are really bendy, that's great ... seeing someone who's not actually teaching attempt to master the more challenging poses is cool. But "warming up" before class with a headstand and a few backbends? Not so much.

What are your yoga pet peeves?

Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

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