A Skinny Jack Black Is Not Funny

Jack BlackJack Black has his eye on the prize in 2011 -- and the prize he's hoping for is a slimmed down, smokin' bod. His goal is super-sized as he wants to lose no less than 50 pounds.

He has a plan that involves push-ups, sit-ups, and a "strict diet of ... raisins." Somehow that doesn't sound so doable. And do we really want him to do it? I mean this is the guy who played Jeff ‘Fats’ Portnoy in Tropic Thunder. If he loses his fat, will he still be funny?


In the past he's been proud of his portliness.

“It’s not easy,” he joked. “I’ve got a lot of fat guys trying to knock me off fat mountain. They’re all coming. They’re like, ‘I want to be the fat guy.’ I’m like, ‘No I’m the fattest fat guy. I’ll beat you fat guys.”’ 

Frankly, I can't imagine him NOT being fat.

Let's face it, there are some celebrities we just like better fat. And his health aside, I'd say we have to add him to this list. I mean, check out this video of him singing "Little Drummer Boy" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and tell me he would have been just as funny if he was all buff and stuff in that fitted white jumpsuit. No, he wouldn't.

Still he's determined to do it.

“I'm gonna drop fitty. I’m gonna drop fitty pounds,” Black said. “How many quarter-pounders with cheeses is that? I'm gonna drop 200 quarter-pounder with cheeses."

For the sake of his health, we wish him well. For the sake of comedy, we won't be all that sad if he falls short of his goals.

Do you want to see Jack Black lose 50 pounds?

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