Health and Fitness Crap I Don't Want for Christmas

Have you ever noticed how this time of year every manufacturer and their brother is trying to sell you something? Surely you've noticed all of the totally unnecessary products inundating the stores. I get it that some people are hard to buy for and you may need new ideas for gifts. But if you're still out there looking for a last minute health and fitness something, please please please do not buy your friends and family stuff they're going to just re-gift to another poor sucker ... which is what I would do if I got any of these:

Blankets with sleeves: Now, I know this trend is sweeping the nation and all, but I still don't get it. I see more brands making these wearable blankets in all kinds of colors, patterns, and such, but why? We've stayed warm for decades with just a robe and/or a blanket. And that's the way I like it thank you very much.


Dumbbells that you shake: Shaking these plastic dumbbells is supposed to help you build muscle. But how you shake them is X-rated. Yep, looks like you're shaking and stroking something else of the same ... ahem ... shape. Check out the spoof on Saturday Night Live if you haven't seen it yet. It will make you laugh hard so at least your belly will get a good workout.

Weight loss cleanses: The New Year is coming and a lot of you might want to kick start your weight loss with a cleanse because there are a million of them out there so they must be the way to go, right? Not exactly. Doctors say it's really not necessary to cleanse your colon. I had mine cleaned out when I had to have a colonoscopy and guess what? My weight stayed the same.

Stiletto heels for hiking: Yes, I'm serious. These are for real. Call me crazy, but I'll stick to my hiking shoes.

What about you? Anything you're terrified will land under your tree?


Image via bitogoth/Flickr

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