Did Latisse Give Claire Danes Raccoon Eyes?

When Claire Danes took over from Brooke Shields as spokeswoman for Latisse, a prescription treatment that claims to make eyelashes thicker and longer with repeated use, I was tempted. The commercial shows her lashes going from average to medium-thick to beautiful, long, fluttery fringes around her eyes, and she looked noticeably more attractive with such a dramatic change.

What it didn't show was the disgusting purple and yellow skin discoloration that has erupted around her eyes as a side effect of the treatment, if rumors are to be believed. (Allergan, the maker of Latisse, denied that Danes has been experiencing any side effects.)

And if you read through the side effects of Latisse, it sounds like Danes got off easy.


Redness and itchy eyes are common at first, and if you get it on your actual eye, it could cause your irises to turn brown permanently ... not a problem if you have brown eyes, but awful if you pride yourself on your baby blues.

Latisse is applied at night with a tiny brush. Per the instructions, you have to be careful to sweep the brush only over the top part of your lashes on the upper eye -- you're not supposed to swipe the lower ones, the theory being it wasn't tested on the lower lids. But when you close your eyes to sleep, some of it trickles down anyway for the lash lengthening benefit. People who soak and swab their eyelash lines over-zealously risk using the drug improperly and dealing with side effects.

Latisse can also cause hair to grow on other areas of the skin it frequently touches ... like inside your eyelid. According to medical information given on the Latisse site, these side effects, including itching, redness. and hyperpigmentation around the eyes, occurs in less than 5 percent of people who participated in safety studies.

Without the photos of Danes and the ugly yellow and purple circles, who can truly say Danes is one of those 5 percent? Danes' handlers have threatened to sue anyone who continues to perpetuate this rumor. Oops.

We think you look smashing, Claire, wink wink!


Image via Latisse.com

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