Fake Doctor Busted After 15 Years & He's Not the Only One

DoctorAfter practicing for 15 years, a Michigan "doctor" has been fired from his job, because he's not really a doctor. He just pretended to play one in real life. William Hamman has no medical degree, never did a residency, and had no business being in the medical business but there he worked undetected. Talk about medical malpractice.

The good news is he wasn't operating on patients or delivering babies, but rather he provided training to other medical professionals and airline pilots. He is an actual airline pilot.

It's shocking to think he could get away with such a guise for so long, but he's not the only deceiving doc out there -- and some of them are actually seeing patients. Here are a few recent ones who have been caught that will shock you.


In San Diego, Kurt Donsbach pleaded guilty this week to 13 felony charges for practicing medicine without a license. He was doling out dangerous dietary supplements.

In October a New Jersey doctor, Dr. Yousuf Masood, was arrested in a Medicaid-fraud scheme for paying three non-medical professionals $17 an hour to pose as doctors and see patients, while he raked in the Medicaid funds as if he was seeing them himself.

Then there was the woman in Idaho recently who posed as a doctor and started giving women breast exams in a bar!

And those are just a few of the most recent ones.

While I'm sure cases of fake doctors like this are rare overall, it does make you wonder just how well we know these people in whose hands we put our lives. Do you check where your doctors got their degrees? Do you just trust what's online and what's hanging on their office walls or do you dig deeper?

I can't say I do. I usually get a recommendation based on word of mouth, and then a referral from that physician for this or that, and I just go. But with online degrees aplenty, and stories like these, it's probably wise to do a little more due diligence.

How much do you check into the background of the medical professionals you see?

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