Why Being a Mother Is the Worst Job in the World

Even the awesomest job ever can mean days where you drag yourself home feeling utterly defeated ... and then there are the really toxic environments, the "psycho boss/crazy coworker/nasty client/killer commute" jobs.

But whether or not your work life makes you feel like you've slipped into an episode of The Office that just will not end, it might not be your work environment that makes you despair; it could be your chosen career itself.

A depressing job is one where you have many demands made of you but little control over when and how your work gets done, not a lot of respect from society at large, and in many cases, long hours and low pay.

Health magazine ranked the 10 jobs with the highest rates of depression. Some of them were surprising (accountants ... really?), some of them were not (artists, writers, and entertainers? Hello, there has to be something to write mopey poetry or moody song lyrics about!).


And some were left off the list entirely.

Health's list:

1. Nursing home/child care workers

2. Food service

3. Social workers

4. Health care workers

5. Artists, entertainers, writers

6. Teachers

7. Administrative support staff

8. Maintenance and grounds workers

9. Financial advisers and accountants

10. Salespeople

But it seems they left some off the list, no?

Journalist: Never high prestige or well-paying to begin with, now it's a dying industry.

Funeral director: You just can't be around all that loss and sorrow every day and not be affected by it.

Animal shelter worker: Puppies put to sleep. Enough said.

Call center customer service rep: Because having people scream at you all day is not fun at all.

Telemarketer/phone survey taker: People think it's fun to mess with them, but they're just doing a job and are not trying to ruin your evening, really.

The guy who runs out and wipes up players' sweat from the floor at a basketball game: "Yeah, I work for [your city's NBA franchise]." "Really? That sounds cool and interesting! What do you do?" "Uhhhh ..." Jock worship in its saddest form.

And finally ... the most depressing job in the world is also the best job in the world ...

Mother: Because our job has aspects of almost all of Health's list, often includes another job on top of it, and guess what all those jobs have in common that ours doesn't? That's right: a paycheck.


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