5 Life-Changing Resolutions You'll Actually Stick To

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new years resolutionsDo you feel that pressure? The pressure to make the perfect New Year's resolution? The impending vow to lose weight, spend more time with your family, have more "me" time ...

There are a few resolutions that you can bet people are making every year. Grand, great ideas like losing weight and getting organized are all well and good, but you are practically asking for failure if you shoot for the moon like that.

Instead, break things down. You can still have lofty goals, but make your resolutions concrete changes that are possible to stick with throughout the year. Here are a few of the biggest resolutions we make -- and what you should make instead.


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1. Lose Weight

Make this doable by breaking it into just one thing. Resolve instead to: Go to the gym or walk three times a week. You'll lose weight as you work out, but the smaller resolution won't feel so overwhelming.


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2. Get Out of Debt

This is one that can easily overwhelm you. Resolve instead to: Pay $10 over the minimum on your credit cards each month or to stop spending on shoes. Both can help you work your way out of debt without feeling so crunched that you pop.


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3. Eat Healthier

What does this even mean? Are you going to go vegan? Probably not, so deconstruct this resolution. Resolve instead to: Eat one fruit at breakfast and lunch each day, or to stop the morning pass through Starbucks.


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4. Get Organized

There's no way you can organize your entire life in one go. Resolve instead to: Take baby steps. Just get your finances in order or pick one small organizational project for each month.


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5. Spend More Time With Family

We are constantly pulled in so many directions that this can be the hardest resolution of all to keep. Resolve instead to: Opt for spending one evening a week together. If you can do more, great; if you can't, then at least you have a family date every week.


What are your resolutions for the coming year?


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tazdvl tazdvl

I don't know yet, still thinking on this one.

nonmember avatar AF

I don't make resolutions.....they are like diets, I always fail!

I just am going to have hope that 2011 will be nicer to me!

sodapple sodapple

i think i make the same ones every year, my resolution to change my old resolutions, ja!

clean... cleanaturalady

I am writing a book this year.  Yes, I am finally going to stop talking about it and actually do it.  I have specific goals set to meet this end. 

ethan... ethans_momma06

I just want this year to be better, endof story.

maine... mainemusicmaker

No resolutions here (although I like YOUR wording much better)...I'm just going to cross the fingers that 2011 is an upswing *nod*

asil asil

i don't do resolutions, but we are using some of our tax money to buy some organizational items for our house... we eat healthy and are budgeting more money this year to fruits...

sstepph sstepph

Not to be so stressed and ignore of the "stressful" people in my life.

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