10 People Not to Friend on Facebook

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FacebookFacebook is taking over the world. Really, it is. Facebook now boasts a huge base of well over 500 million registered users that have 130 friends on average and spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. That's a shitload of people.

But, some of those people, even the ones you may know best, just shouldn't be your Facebook friends. Here's who you may want to consider unfriending:

1. Your spouse. Really, what's the point? You live with this person. You know this person inside and out. What good can come of being friends on a social media site? It's so not the point. This way you can also avoid learning that your husband has a secret crush on Lindsay Lohan. Not that I speak from experience or anything. Ahem.

2. Your ex-boyfriend. It's just weird. You don't need to be seeing his activity in your feed. If you're curious, every few years, Google him. You know, like we did in the olden days.

3. Your high school frenemy. Sure, high school may be over, but is it ever really over? Spare yourself the drama.

4. Your "perfect" friend. You know the one -- she looks like a million bucks, is always put together, and constantly brags about her perfect life. Facebook isn't a romance novel, lady. Nothing's perfect.

5. Your mother-in-law. I mean, why would you be Facebook friends with her?

6. Your kids' friends. I get being friends with your own kid on Facebook for security reasons, but please don't be the parent who requests friendship of your kids' friends. That's just weird.

7. Your kids' teacher. Want to talk about issues your kid is having? Decide when to volunteer? I'm pretty sure that's not what the teacher wants from Facebook. Respect that.

8. Your boss. Remember those compromising pictures from your prom? Or the night last week when you had one too may glasses of wine? Do you really want your boss seeing them? I thought not.

9. Your mother. I love you, mom, but it just freaks me out when you comment on my page. You know my phone number ... call me.

10. Me. Facebook provides me with endless of blog fodder and I don't imagine my friends and family like that all too much. Who wants to be friends with someone who finds inspiration from other people's posts? I wouldn't.

Who do YOU wish you weren't friends with on Facebook?

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miche... micheledo

I can't imagine not being friends with my mom and mother-in-law!  I love it that they get to see pictures of the grandkids all the time (I am AWFUL about mailing pictures).  It keeps them updated on what is going on at our house with the four little ones!

And I'm not friends with my husband, but I would be if we had a separate account.  We share ours!  We both made a commitment to each other to stay faithful and sharing an account is just kind of one more thing we do naturally to keep our relationship honest.  We can delete any friend we want to from the friend list, we can see what the other is writing and saying to others - not that it really matters - it's just another way we are honest with each other.  We have never deleted anyone, though we do joke about me deleting one of his older friends that creeps me out! :D

justp... justplainjenni

The only ones I agree with are the ex, the "frenemy," the boss, and your kids' friends. 

My husband and I have nothing to hide, so why not be friends?  We are living around the world from our family, so of course our parents are on my friends list.  It's the easiest way to keep them updated. 

ladys... ladysylpher

I broke #1, 5 and 7.  

And it maybe weird but my OBGYN is on my facebook page too.     ROFL

its ok,  I wouldn't change a thing!!  :)   LOVE FACEBOOK 

Sunday Stilwell

Most definitely my step-mom.  Its just awkward when I blog about her and it posts directly to my Facebook page.

ladyj... ladyjodamic79

My husband is in the Military so him being on my friends list is perfect..Its the best way for us to stay in contact when he isn't home..Also its a great way for him to see pictures of the kids..My Mother is on there also cause we live 2000 miles apart due to military, and its a great way for my family plus hubs to see the kids and our Holidays together here..Also as for my kids teachers if they had a page i would be all for it then esp since I'm also a lung patient so i cant exactly jump out of bed and volunteer on a day to day bases but i do try to keep those meetings to at least phone calls..I guess your friend list works for you but that doesn't mean it works for every one...But also doesn't mean your blog is wrong i think it was very insightful..

toria... toriandgrace

I think it depends what your use of facebook is... is it to keep in touch with your old high school friends or is it a way of communicating with your family and those you're currently involved with. We live on the other side of the country, so we use FB to share pictures with our families, because of that I am friends with my hubby so that I can tag him in pictures that his extended family who I may not be friends with can see the pictures. Also, when he updates his FB from Guam and other countries, I get to see it.. not all his updates comes from the couch.. And I know a lot of teachers who create FB pages as a means of communicating with parents. I agree on the boss in most situations though, and ex and frennemy, etc.

nonmember avatar Sugar Mama

I agree with ALL of these, especially my child's friends.... just weird. Oh, and the frenemy thing... so true. I have a girl like that on my page that is constantly posting pics of her in a swimsuit. I blocked her pictures from my main page. I don't need to be seeing that every morning as I eat my chocolate cake for breakfast.

nonmember avatar Karen

I gotta say I don't agree with all the people on your list. I am friends with my hubby, mom and MIL. Why not!? I have nothing to hide from them and I learn things reading their status updates or FB pages. I also love being friends with my son at college. Now I just need to convince my teen it is good to friend me when he goes away to school next year.

nonmember avatar Missy

My Husbands Ex..Lol really STUPID I KNOW! but my Stepson asked me to friend his mother and I felt bad saying no so I did....SOOOO wish I hadn't done that! I want to delete her but not sure how without seeming like the bad guy! ugh soo Stupid of me I know! LOL

Carolyn Haims West

Well, I AM friends with my BFF's daughters, but I love them like they are my own so I do it to keep up on what is going on in their lives.  My mother isn't on FB so I have no worries there.  I refused to be friends with most of the people from high school.  Didn't like them back then - why would I like them now?  Won't be friends with my kids' teachers - that really is too weird.


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