10 People Not to Friend on Facebook

FacebookFacebook is taking over the world. Really, it is. Facebook now boasts a huge base of well over 500 million registered users that have 130 friends on average and spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. That's a shitload of people.

But, some of those people, even the ones you may know best, just shouldn't be your Facebook friends. Here's who you may want to consider unfriending:

1. Your spouse. Really, what's the point? You live with this person. You know this person inside and out. What good can come of being friends on a social media site? It's so not the point. This way you can also avoid learning that your husband has a secret crush on Lindsay Lohan. Not that I speak from experience or anything. Ahem.


2. Your ex-boyfriend. It's just weird. You don't need to be seeing his activity in your feed. If you're curious, every few years, Google him. You know, like we did in the olden days.

3. Your high school frenemy. Sure, high school may be over, but is it ever really over? Spare yourself the drama.

4. Your "perfect" friend. You know the one -- she looks like a million bucks, is always put together, and constantly brags about her perfect life. Facebook isn't a romance novel, lady. Nothing's perfect.

5. Your mother-in-law. I mean, why would you be Facebook friends with her?

6. Your kids' friends. I get being friends with your own kid on Facebook for security reasons, but please don't be the parent who requests friendship of your kids' friends. That's just weird.

7. Your kids' teacher. Want to talk about issues your kid is having? Decide when to volunteer? I'm pretty sure that's not what the teacher wants from Facebook. Respect that.

8. Your boss. Remember those compromising pictures from your prom? Or the night last week when you had one too may glasses of wine? Do you really want your boss seeing them? I thought not.

9. Your mother. I love you, mom, but it just freaks me out when you comment on my page. You know my phone number ... call me.

10. Me. Facebook provides me with endless of blog fodder and I don't imagine my friends and family like that all too much. Who wants to be friends with someone who finds inspiration from other people's posts? I wouldn't.

Who do YOU wish you weren't friends with on Facebook?

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