Shop Smart, Live Well

hormel The following is a post from our sponsor Hormel.

It’s official. Natural, preservative-free, and other wellness foods have made their way to Main Street. But despite their newfound popularity, 83% of Americans feel that most all-natural foods are more expensive than their “less natural” counterparts.


Is that sentiment true? Depends on whom you ask. There are always exceptions, deals, and strategies for living well on a budget. For instance, 100% natural Hormel® Natural Choice® meats cost about the same as their non-natural counterparts and have zero preservatives.

Try these ideas for eating well on a limited food budget:

1. Buy in bulk. You can save big — especially on items like nuts, spices, and herbs.

2. Chop, peel, and save. Pre-cut, washed fruits and veggies offer convenience, but come at a price to your wallet.

3. Plant a vegetable garden. To avoid being overwhelmed, start small with a window box of herbs or one vegetable at a time.

4. Choose wisely. Build menus around foods that provide maximum nutritional bang for the buck. All-natural, whole foods like rice, beans, sweet potatoesl and leafy greens go a long way. For your center-of-the-plate protein, Hormel® Natural Choice® deli sandwich meats, carved chicken breast, or dinner ham are great. They are gluten free, have zero preservatives, and are 100% natural with no artificial colors or flavors, and no added nitrites or nitrates.

5. Read labels. Eighty-eight percent of Americans feel it’s important for the ingredient list on food they buy to be easy to understand. If the food you’re buying is all-natural foods, this should be a given. For example, Hormel® Natural Choice® meats don’t include any ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Start living well with these recipes.  


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