6 Holiday Gifts for the Mom Who Needs to Chill

relax signTelling a mom to chill out is a lot easier said than done. We have kids, which means as much as we love them, we are stressed. So don't just tell Mom to lie back and relax, help make it happen.

Your holiday gift list should be brimming with gifts for this supermom who doesn't know how to just sit down -- they can make her sit down, chill out, and really enjoy life (at least for a day). Who knows, she might even find the time to remember why she became a mom in the first place.


Relax Letterpress Sign $15 at YeeHaw

We could all use a gentle reminder to chill out when our friends aren't around to tell us. Pop this handmade retro sign in a frame and help her hang it up where she'll see it every day to make her pull her chin up and smile.

wine cork candles

Wine Cork Candles (Set of 12) $22 at UncommonGoods

She likes to enjoy a glass of wine every once in awhile, and why shouldn't she? Ease her guilt over the harmless indulgence by convincing her she's got to get through that bottle to make room for the candles! These "corks" are made to be set on empty bottles, so she needs to get drinking.

Philosophy eternal grace

Philosophy 'eternal grace' layering set $49.50 at Nordstrom

Sometimes the stress of being a mom comes from feeling like you're Mom first, woman second. So remind her that she's got it going on with a little self-pampering. This set has perfumed shampoo, bath and shower gel, body butter, and spray fragrance in clean, citrusy scents that are Mom-approved.


Campfire Votive Candleholder $20 at Velocity

Bring back those childhood memories that make her think happy thoughts with a little campfire she can set up right in her own living room. The votive in the center is LED, so she doesn't have to worry about the kids knocking it over and burning down the house, giving her a chance to just sit there and enjoy the glow.

holiday truffles

Holiday Truffle Collection $43 at Vosges

Is there anything that can't be made better with chocolate? No, don't tell me. I will stick my fingers in my ears and yell, "I can't hear you!" Better yet, I'd pop one of these decadent truffles in my mouth -- who can go wrong with flavors like Eggnog and Jamaican Rum? -- and refuse to answer.

Sound of Music

The Sound of Music Blu-Ray $18.99 at Amazon

I kvelled when I heard this was being re-released for the 45th anniversary, and I wasn't the only one. My Facebook blew up with comments from other moms vowing to tune in to see the cast back on Oprah. Now that the DVD they were hyping is actually out, let her take her mind off motherhood for a few hours with an old favorite (feel free to substitute another if this isn't her thing -- but stick with the classics for sheer nostalgia factor).

What stress busters are you getting for your girlfriends?

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