'Gotta Go, I'm Ovulating' & Other Tough Talks With Dad

If you're lucky, you've got a great dad, one you enjoy talking to and can communicate with openly. But even for those of us who are so blessed, there are some conversations you just don't want to have with your dad.

Many of those involve your sex life or lady business unless you were raised by the type of parents who believe in total openness about sex and are happy to tell you all about their experiences (no matter how much you cringe).

Evolution even dictates how we communicate with our dads, to some degree. Women are half as likely to call their dads when they are ovulating, and talk only half as long when their dads call them. Researchers who looked into this phenomenon believe it's an evolutionary protection against inbreeding (ewww) since women are actually more likely to talk with their mothers frequently during this time.

Based on conversations with friends, here are some other taboo topics with our dads:


Fertility treatment: One of the most embarrassing conversations I have ever had with my dad was when my husband and I were doing fertility treatment. He was trying to keep up with our progress and asked me how things were going. Me: "So, then, the IUI (intrauterine insemination) will probably be scheduled for Thursday or Friday." Dad: "So that's when you get the fertilized egg?" Me, horrified, knowing I'll have to explain this to him: "Uh, no, uh ... [my husband] um, gives a sample (cringe)..."

Our changing bodies: One friend's stepdad said, out loud, "Yep, you've been visited by the Titty Fairy ... (your mom) was too" when she was newly pregnant and showing only in her boobs.

Erectile dysfunction: Another couple was coming back from dinner with her parents when the dad tried to use the garage door opener, which wasn't cooperating. He said, "Oh, no, it's not going up ... (quietly) just like me sometimes."

There are more, of course ... weight gain, and finances, and why your son insists on wearing fairy wings everywhere and, furthermore, why you're not remotely concerned. And there are the issues that trigger real fights, some not so serious like politics and some truly painful like family dysfunction. Mostly, though, the conversations are good for some laughs once the cringing stops!

What's the most awkward conversation you've had with your dad?


Image via Lee Hochstein/Flickr

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