6 Gifts for the Running Mom

Run Like a Girl NecklaceDo you have a running mom on your list?

You know the one -- there's likely a 26.2 sticker on the back of her mini van; Nike is her designer or choice; and you see glimpses of her and perhaps her jogging stroller here and there as she runs around town.

Her passion makes picking gifts for her a bit easier than some as there are all sorts of great gear and gadgets that can help a runner do what she loves to do ... run.

Whether she's an ultra-marathoner or just a few-miles-a-day kind of woman, here are six gifts she'll love:


Run Like a Girl Necklace $46 at Etsy

Simple and direct, this necklace makes a statement about who she is and what she loves.

arm warmers

Arm Warmers $25 at Smart Wool

Move over leg warmers, these are genius for runners in chilly weather. They offer easy, adjustable temperature control -- providing warmth at the beginning of a run, but as she warms up, she can push them up and eventually take them off as necessary without stopping.

itunes gift card

itunes card

Chances are, her music is almost as important as her shoes. A gift card to help her update her play list would be appreciated as would you gifting her your favorite running tunes.

fivefinger shoes

Vibram FiveFingers $85 at REI

They look ridiculous, but they're something many runners wouldn't buy for themselves, but are secretly dying to try.

running cuff

Running Key Cuff $10 at Lululemon

This wrist band has a place for keys, credit card or money she might need during a long run without pockets. No more key in the shoe! 

reflective running vest

Reflective Running Vest $24.99 at Amazon.com

The days are shorter this time of year, which means many runners take to the road when it's dark. Help her stay safe with this vest from Nike that slips over most clothing.  

Do you have a running mom on your list?

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