Red Bracelets for Menstruating Women Are Brilliant

red braceletIn Norway, a boss has raised the ire of women everywhere for making females wear red bracelets while they're having their periods.

While the boss's reasoning for doing so was ridiculous -- to monitor bathroom breaks -- I'm not sure they are such a bad idea.

Let's face it, having our period sucks BIG TIME. Many of us are irritable, bloated, crabby, and hormonally charged within an ounce of freaking out or weeping uncontrollably at any moment.

So shouldn't we get a little special treatment?

If we think of the bracelets more like a perk getter -- akin perhaps to a senior citizen discount card -- rather than as discrimination, they really could be quite useful to women and give us some payback for all the pain.

For example:

  • While waiting in a long line at the grocery store, a woman could flash the bracelet and move to the front of the line before a crazy rage ensues.
  • Chocolatiers and ice cream stores could honor those wearing the bracelet with discounts.
  • You would know why your boss is being a bitch.
  • Your boss would know why you're being such a bitch.
  • Your husband would know to stay away ... or find another way to play.
  • Just when you're convinced that you want to sell your kids and move to Brazil, you could glance down and realize that you probably won't feel the same way in a day or two (if you do, seek help!).
  • You would know who to ask when you needed to borrow a tampon.
  • People in general could just move out of the way!

Seriously, it's about time we get some special treatment for all of our suffering. You know men would figure out a way to get it if they went through what we did.

What do you think about women wearing red bracelets during their periods?

Image via theogeo/Flickr

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