4 Airport Hazards That Make the TSA Sound Cuddly

airplaneSo the TSA is making you crazy angry with their naked scanners and their manhandling of little kids. Now it's time to get really angry.

Because while the jury is still out on just whether or not those backscatter and millimeter wave machines are safe, here's something we know without a doubt. Airports are making us sick.

Really sick.

With cancer, asthma, high cholesterol, and a long list of major killers. But if you want to keep yelling at the TSA for the sake of yelling, you probably won't take any of this advice:


Hold Your Breath

You may decide to opt out on the naked scanners, but there's no saying no to a big breath full of noxious chemicals! According to the CDC, 22 percent of U.S. passenger boardings take place in airports that still allow smoking inside the facility. In case you haven't heard, secondhand smoke can cause cancer, exacerbate asthma, and make your clothes stink.

Time to Diet

No, not the drek they serve on the airplane (good luck getting anything to eat on one of those). We're talking about the miles of fast food offerings in the nation's airports, where you can purchase high cholesterol with a side of rising blood pressure. We'd recommend packing your own eats for the wait, but remember they'd have to meet the TSA carry-on rules.

Hold Your Ears

Airports are noisy places. A minor inconvenience for travelers. A major health hazard for the people who are stuck living by them. The unlucky residents suffer from stress, hypertension, sleep disturbances, and work-related and academic performance issues. And that's just the half of it. Studies have found living with the noise can hike little kids' blood pressure. That's the price they pay for our convenience.

Buy a Mask

If you make it through the airport without a health hazard hitting you, just wait. You're about to spend three hours in an enclosed space with people coughing and hacking and the most hated of all air travelers: germy, whiny kids. They filter the air, but all that close contact, jet lag, and stress of travel means you could easily catch the common cold or the flu, or worse, meningitis or measles.

Are you looking forward to your next flight?


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