Woman Arrested for Giving Fake Breast Exams in Bar

Woman in BarA woman walks into a bar and gets a breast exam ...

There's no punchline unfortunately, because it really happened. To make matters worse, the "doctor" performing the exam wasn't actually a doctor.

Kristina B. Ross, a transgendered woman in Idaho of all places (it seems like such an innocent state), was arrested and sent to jail for practicing medicine without a license. She told "patients" her name was Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna.

At least two women are known to have taken the bizarrely named doctor up on the offer and underwent exams.

But don't blame them for their naivete (or drunkenness?) in submitting to such a thing in a bar. How were they supposed to know that doctors don't just go around looking for lumps at their local pubs?

It's not that big of a stretch of the imagination given all the other legit(ish) health procedures you can have done in nontraditional places.

For example:


Mall Teeth Bleaching

I almost choked on my soft pretzel the first time I saw it, but there in the middle of The Gap and Macy's were people getting their teeth zapped with lasers in order to whiten them.

Botox Parties

Botox in a friend's basement is nothing new. That doesn't mean it's advisable, but no one is going to jail over it ... hopefully.

Ultrasounds in Strip Malls

Who needs a doctor? Let whoever is on shift show you what's going on in your womb.

Flu Shots Anywhere

Flu shots are offered at more locations than you can sneeze at. Get yours while picking up condoms at your local drug store or while fetching milk at the market.

So really, with medicine all over the place, why not bars? Maybe some real doctors should think about setting up shop there.

A mammogram certainly would be more fun after a couple martinis.

What's the craziest medical procedure you've seen offered outside a doctor's office?

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