6 Gifts for the Mom Who Stands on Her Head

There's a reason yoga has become incredibly popular among moms: It's that rare exercise that is both relaxing and energizing, and if you do it enough, you'll see impressive results in your balance, flexibility, and strength. And it tends to be done in quiet studios with relaxing music and low light ... a peaceful environment that offers a blessed respite in our busy, demanding lives.

If you have a yoga-loving mom on your gift list (or know someone who could benefit from a terrific yoga class), these gifts would be sure to help her get in touch with her Zen side.

From Etsy, this simple and beautiful pendant ($24.50, shown above) reminds her to keep an open and accepting heart with its rendering of the word that closes every yoga class, "namaste."


Also from Etsy, this awesome yoga headband ($7, available in other colors than the green shown here) keeps your yoga mama's hair out of her face ... because take it from me, few things will interrupt your flow like having to shake a mop of hair out of your face to look up at your instructor when you're in a complicated downward-facing asana. If she's partial to sweat-inducing varieties like Bikram or power yoga, this will keep sweat out of her eyes as well ... and at $7, you can afford to get her a couple to match her favorite ensembles.



For moms who take yoga before or after work, this sophisticated and stylish Dispatch yoga bag (on sale for $59.99, down from $71) from Everything Yoga has retractable straps on the bottom for her mat, but looks polished as a work bag by itself on non-class days ... and saves her from lugging around a separate yoga bag.



Here's one of those "wish I'd thought of it" ideas: Grippy yoga socks (on sale, two pairs for $15.98, down from $19.98) and yoga gloves (on sale for $7.98, down from $9.98) both from Gaiam.com) to keep her stable on slippery studio floors. While yoga mats are pretty "sticky" and slip-resistant, some poses move beyond the mat; these would help her root her foot and probably feel a lot more confident taking on more challenging poses. If she travels a lot, these can eliminate the need for a mat on carpet, letting her practice in her hotel room.



It's not so much a yoga accessory, but the kind of person who would be really into yoga would probably also love this: A Tibetan singing bowl. You move the mallet slowly around the bowl, which emits a tone similar to a human voice. The effect is supposed to be very meditative. It's $69.95 on sale (usually $84) at Everything Yoga.




If she wants to improve her practice but doesn't have a lot of time or cash to spend at the studio, there's this collection of Yoga Challenge DVDs featuring the yummy Rodney Yee. It's $45 at Gaiam.com





And finally, a gift certificate for classes at a local yoga studio (especially for a class with an instructor you really like) or an offer to watch her kids while she takes a coveted class she couldn't otherwise do because of her children's schedules would be an outstanding gift.


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