3 Ugly Winter Skin Complaints -- Healed With Makeup!

Here we go, into the holiday season and, yes, winter ... it may be the most wonderful time of the year for some, but not for those of us who suffer from hands that feel like sandpaper, lips that peel, and hair that crackles and stands on end, thanks to bitterly cold, dry air.

It's enough to make you want to put on sweatpants, crawl under a blanket, and hibernate 'til April!

OK, you may want to do that regardless. But since most of us don't have much of a choice when it comes to braving icy weather, it's lucky that there are lots of cosmetics specifically designed to work almost like medicine for a slew of winter body woes. News flash: Makeup isn't just for enhancing your already beautiful face anymore. It can heal, too. 

Here, a handful of "cosmeceuticals" you might want to take for a test-drive in the coming months ... 


Cold Weather Complaint: Blotchy, red cheeks 

Going in and out of the cold air and into a radiator-heated apartment, I start getting rosy ... but not in a "oh-how-cute-now-let's-drink-hot-cocoa!" kind of way. It's not cute; it's uncomfortable. Turns out, I have rosacea, a chronic adult skin condition made worse by stress (surprise, surprise) and temperature extremes. 

The Fix: CoverFX makeup, particularly PowderFX SPF 10 (a pressed powder foundation), is meant for super-sensitive skin, and I've even noticed a difference in the health of my skin since I began using PowderFX. The product gives a really natural-looking, airbrushed finish -- it's the best. For more info, CoverFX's site offers application guides for different skin conditions, like rosacea.  

Cold Weather Complaint: Dry, itchy skin

No matter what kind of moisturizing face wash you swear by, delicate facial skin can get incredibly dry. In turn, you might find yourself clawing at your cheeks and forehead. 

The Fix: I believe that just about everything we need for our health can be found in nature -- not from a laboratory. Homeopathic aesthetician Evan Healy is of the same mind. That's why she hand makes moisturizers (which can be found online or at Whole Foods) with soothing plants and herbs, like blue chamomile, lavender, and rose geranium. Bonus: When I use it, my boyfriend tells me I smell beautiful, so it's kind of like you're getting an aphrodisiac, perfume, and face cream all in one.  

Cold Weather Complaint: Cracked, peeling lips 

Chap stick and the like only coat lips with balm, but don't do anything once your lips are so far gone that they're peeling away like a bad sunburn. 

The Fix: Exfoliate your lips. There are a bunch of products that look like a lipstick or lip gloss but are formulated with exfoliating particles (think a more lip-friendly version of the popular, old school apricot scrub). One that's all natural and effective: Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper.  

What's your #1 winter health/beauty remedy?


Image via wei li graphic designer/Flickr

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