Kim Kardashian Is Back on the Fitness Wagon, Are You?

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and her famous curves were perhaps getting a little too curvy after eight weeks away from the gym and a big Thanksgiving meal.

It seems filming Kourtney and Kim Take New York took Kim away from her regular workouts. But now she's back.

"I hit the gym hard today!!!! I fell off for 8 weeks in NYC BUT IM BAAAACKKKK!" she Tweeted Saturday.

It's hard to feel too sorry for her, because, hello -- have you seen the show? While enjoyable to watch, it just can't take that much time or energy to film, can it?

And what about personal trainers on set? Surely, she can afford one what with endorsing all the shoes, toilets and other products she does.

But if no sympathy, most of us can at least empathize with how it feels to fall off our own fitness wagon this time of year.


And once you do, is it even worth it to try to get back up on it smack in the middle of the holidays? 

While spiralling out of control (and busting out of all one's clothes) between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn't desirable or healthy, it's just so hard to commit knowing all those cookies and all that champagne are lurking and will be popping up everywhere we turn this season.

It's why January is such a time for resolutions, because finally, the festivities have fizzled and it's time to get back to reality -- and face the reality of what we've done in the past month.

For Kim, this may be an even trickier time to stick to her fitness regime now that new man Gabriel Aubrey is in her picture.

The two have been spending an awful lot of time together lately, even sharing Thanksgiving together.

'We ate too much!' Kim Tweeted after the family meal at which Aubrey may or may not have attended.

They were spotted attending a showing of Burlesque afterward, however.

While some people ease up on fitness once they find love, in other cases it amps up the efforts -- especially if it would seem if one's love is the ex of the fabulously fit Halle Berry.

Do you find it difficult to keep up your fitness routine during the holidays, or do you tend to just give up until January? Does being in love make you more or less likely to workout?

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