'Biggest Loser' Recap: Ohhh the Makeover Episode!

It was the episode all of us Biggest Loser junkies anxiously await every season: makeover week.

The contestants have their hair lopped off (courtesy of celebrity stylist Ken Paves) and get gussied up in designer duds to show everyone just how hard they've been working to lose weight -- sans sweating, swearing, and vomiting in the gym.

This season, the show supported Ford's breast cancer organization, Warriors in Pink, by having the contestants model their fabulous pink-tinted ensembles in a runway fashion show.


Sometimes you forget what the contestants looked like their first week on the ranch, and it's difficult to see their transformations from week to week ... especially when they go from wearing those oh-so-flattering sports bras and bike shorts to t-shirts and tank tops. I still don't know why show producers have players weigh in half-naked in the beginning of the season, and then pile clothes on them as the weeks progress.

Makeover week is a visual reminder of just how far these people have come, and it means even more to me because I know exactly how they're feeling when they strut their stuff on the runway or ham it up in front of a mirror -- I still can't get over the thrill of being able to walk into any clothing store and pick out whatever I want. Honestly, is there anything more gratifying than slipping into a smaller pair of jeans?

The families hid backstage during the fashion show to surprise the seven remaining contestants and admire their new looks -- that is, except for Ada's. After her family snubbed her last week by not sending a video, it became pretty clear why Ada has struggled with her weight since childhood. It's never just about a love affair with pizza and snack cakes ... there are almost always deeper, darker secrets hiding behind obesity.

In this week's challenge, the contestants were given the opportunity to take a trolley up 30 flights of stairs for one point, or scale them on their own for five points. The first one to 100 points would snag a brand-new Ford. When Ada -- who has become known as "Ada the Terminator" -- found herself ready to descend the stairs for the final time, she somehow rallied everyone else together to let Patrick take the prize; he has been unemployed for months and was in desperate need of a new ride to tote his wife and two young sons around. Seriously, Ada needs to win this competition. I will throw a very obnoxious temper tantrum if she doesn't.

After following contestants who shed 10 pounds or who proudly dropped from the 300s to the 200s, Lisa put up a big old goose egg on the scale: she stayed exactly the same. Then Frado fell below the yellow line right along with her as a result of his meager four-pound loss.

The men claimed they'd never vote for their buddy Frado -- even though we all know he's a top contender to claim the $250,000 prize. It's almost like they've forgotten that this reality show isn't entitled The Four Biggest Losers. They're going to have to vote each other off eventually, are they not?

Meanwhile, Lisa pretty much poses a zero threat to Brendan, Patrick, and Mark when it comes to winning this game, so I half expected them to send Frado packing for the sake of bringing themselves one step closer to the finale.

But, alas, Lisa was voted home. She finally got exactly what she wanted.

What did you think of The Biggest Loser contestants' makeovers?


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