Would You Trust This Man With Diet Advice?

scott abelScott Abel is here with some holiday eating advice. From what I understand, which I admit is not much, Abel tortures people with exercise for a living. A friend of mine claims she's currently in the Stockholm Syndrome stage of his program where she's stopped hating him and is now so numb with pain she's starting to love him. I will say this -- he is very muscular and apparently handy around the house.

So ladies, would you take diet advice from him?

A study from Australia says no -- women are way more likely to believe healthy eating advice when it comes from another woman than when it comes from a man.

But wait until you read what Scott Abel has to say about eating around the holidays. His holiday healthy eating philosophy will shock you!


In a long rant on his blog, Abel comes out with a clear holiday eating mantra: Don’t let your diet-strategy, body-image goals get in the way of your holiday experience. All those magazines hawking "Calorie-conserving tips and suggestions for Thanksgiving!" are full of crap. Instead, go ahead and celebrate abundance -- guilt free.

I think the best reference here is the lyrics of the En Vogue song, “Free Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow.” Well the Industry Gurus in their infinite genius of stupidity do not want you to free your minds. They, in fact, intentionally or not, want to give you cause to be anxious and fearful about your celebrations over the holidays. Creating anxiety about how to control your eating during Thanksgiving or Christmas, and how to workout to burn off the excess creates a huge psychological battle in the minds of those who buy into this nonsense. Cultural traditions of holidays and the good spirits they engender in oneself are now purposely psychologically negotiated with conscious trepidation of “don’t overdo it,” “don’t eat too much,” “don’t gain weight.” In terms of wellness, this is a huge mistake.

Yeah! I did a nerdy little fist pump into the air when I read this. Like many of you, I eat pretty healthy all year long. I'm enjoying my vegetables, my whole grains, my water instead of soda. And then the holidays come along and suddenly it's snowing butter. Countless cookies come marching through my door.

Do I gain a little weight during the holidays? Mmmmmaybe. A little. But since I'm not used to eating a lot of sugar and fat, I'm not overdoing it, either -- gorging doesn't feel good. And when the holidays are over, I go back to my usual healthy eating habits and my weight stabilizes back to what it was before.

I'm not saying anyone should go full hog over the holidays. I'm just saying here's one man's healthy eating advice I trust. I'm not working out with Scott any time soon, but I'm totally down with his advice to be food-connected and not diet-conscious. You can have your sugar-free cookies and watered-down cocktails. I'm connecting to the pleasures of the season.

Are you food-connected or diet-conscious during the holidays?

Image via Scott Abel.

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