Women Spending Time with Computers, Not Husbands

Whatever time women spend with their husbands, they spend triple that amount with their computers.

Uh oh. I hope my DH does not read this.


This was true for women who worked in offices. But I don't work in an office, and let me admit right now, it's definitely true for me, too.

My husband has already instituted the NEDD rule--No Email During Dinner. And now he's threatening to ban the laptop from the dining room. Hmph.

I bet some of our husbands are guilty, too, though I'm the geek in our family. I loved YippeeLeah's recent question: Do you really have time to be on the computer or should you be doing something more productive?

In addition to taking time from our relationships, computers also screw up our hand health, according to the same study by Harris Interactive for Wellgate for Women. One in five female office workers say they experience wrist pain while typing or using a mouse. My personal experience is that it goes way beyond pain straight into numb and tingling fingers.

But still, I can't tear myself from my dear love. But I have to remember, I didn't say, "I do," to my MacBook Air. I said it to my DH. (Did you catch that, DH?)

Do you have a love affair with your computer?

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