Give Up Your Car for Good?! Pros & Cons for Moms

bike laneWould you possibly be able to give up your car? The place where you can indulge your NPR habit, the place where you have a few minutes of peace commuting back and forth to work or your kids' school, the thing that houses all those reusable grocery bags, two strollers, and a month's supply of baby wipes so you never have to worry about running out?

Some people do, and never look back. Tammy Stroebel wrote about doing so for Wise Bread and estimates she and her husband save over $10,000 per year by not having cars anymore ... and she didn't reveal this, but you know they have admirable quadriceps as well from all that pedaling.

Moms have different concerns when it comes to car-free living, though; here are some pros and cons to giving up your automobile for a life on two wheels:


Pro: No more listening to the Barenaked Ladies' Snacktime album every time you so much as back out of the driveway (it's a great album, but it wears thin after listening to it every. Single. Day);

Con: No more NPR fix once the kids are delivered wherever they are going (or Rush Limbaugh, if that's your thing).


Pro: You kill two birds with one stone; commuting or running errands and a workout, which saves time;

Con: Helmet hair. Sweaty helmet hair.


Pro: No more vacuuming out a metric ton of Goldfish crumbs, pet hair, and "what the hell is that?" from your back seat; no more sour milk stench from a forgotten sippy cup;

Con: No more placating fighting siblings by tossing them both handfuls of Goldfish; no DVD players in bike trailers;


Pro: No more carseat battles before you can go anywhere.

Con: No more carseats; no more trunk to hold all your crap; and if you think your kids scream bloody murder at being strapped into their car seats, just wait until you're wrestling a helmet onto them.

Could you give up your car?


Image via oepidusphinx/Flickr

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