Google Can Do Everything -- Including Scaring You Thin!

Bob MewseWith its fingers in everything else these days, it was only a matter of time before Google entered the diet and weight loss arena -- on purpose or not.

Bob Mewse, 56, saw a picture of himself on Google Maps Street View and was so appalled at his appearance that he decided it was time to shape up.

"I was horrified when I saw that photo," he told the Telegraph. "I was massive. My belly was sticking out and I looked huge. I'd been thinking about losing weight for some time but after seeing that picture, I knew that I actually had to do something about it."

So he hit the gym, started eating healthier, and the British man lost seven stone, which means about 98 pounds!

Not bad. And with technology so prevalent in our daily lives, there are plenty of other sources we can seek inspiration from when it comes to motivating our weight loss goals. For example:


Surveillance Cameras at Gas Stations -- That fuzzy, gray blob? Yep, that's you. Step away from the Burrito Rollers.

Costco Card Photo -- Glance at it a couple times before you start your shopping and you may find some pretty strong willpower to resist all those samples and bypass the giant vat of ice cream.

TSA Body Scanners -- If you can just get a peek at what they're seeing, the potential for motivation is mammoth. Those things show it all and don't lie!

Facebook Photos -- Tag-happy friends may be annoying, but some of those awful pics they post of you can drive you to meet your fitness goals ... and perhaps to do some unfriending.

Skype -- Knowing you can't hide behind the comfort of your phone, but have to actually be seen on a computer screen -- that adds at least 10 and probably more pounds -- may make you wary of skipping a single workout.

What high-tech weight loss techniques might work for you?

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