Trying to Lose Weight? DON'T Try on Your Jeans

jeansWhile the scale doesn't lie, the true test of weight loss success may be in our genes jeans.

Or at least women think so.

A new study from Kellogg's says women rely on their true blues more than any other piece of clothing to gauge their weight loss ups and downs. Nearly two-thirds of women around the world said jeans are paramount to how they feel about their weight.

Understandable, as jeans grip and form to you like no other piece of clothing. If it's a muffin top you're looking for, look no further than the tightest pair of jeans.

And hello, Camel toe? Never more offensive (or seemingly uncomfortable) than when it comes from a pair of jeans.

So yes, they can be telling, but basing your weight loss success on your jeans is a risky business, because jeans LIE!


That's right, and perhaps where the whole phrase "Liar, liar pants on fire" came from.

Okay, not really, but jeans are tricky depending on when and how often you wash them.

Right out of the dryer, you may swear off sweets and cut carbs like no one's business, because that tight waist band cutting into your skin lets you know ALL DAY that perhaps you haven't made the progress you hoped.

But on day three (or 23?!) after their last wash, they've relaxed ... and perhaps you relax along with them? You have room to breathe, you're feeling svelte, like you may even need a belt.

But eventually you have to wash them again ... *sigh*. If only weight loss was as easy as never having to wash our jeans again.

Unfortunately, it's not, and while experts tell us not to base all our fitness results on the numbers of the scale, it is at least a pretty consistent provider of feedback.

Other not-so-consistent ways women gauge their weight:

Compliments -- A few "you look greats" and our body confidence soars. Those workouts must be working.

Downside: If someone neglects to give us a compliment, we may feel like our efforts aren't working even if they are.

Mirrors -- The old eyeball test. If you like what you see in the morning, your spirits may be high all day.

Downside: Mirrors play tricks. While it's great when they lift you up, some harsh dressing room jobs can bring you way down.

How You Feel -- Often when you have more energy, your mood is improved and you just feel good, you know you're in a good fitness place.

Downside: Sometimes hormones, stress, and other life factors affect us -- it's not all about our weight (even though it seems like it sometimes)!

How do you gauge your weight loss success?

Image via jerryonlife/Flickr

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